The Challenge

This Real Estate Agency was started in Q4 (late) 2015 with 10 staff and is rapidly expanding and achieving critical success in the Southwest region of Victoria.

The team at Harris & Wood approached us and needed a reliable, secure and expandable phone system with predictable monthly costs and preferably little or no upfront costs! Additionally, it needed to be Installed in a timely manner to match the deadline of their grand opening.

Aussie Broadband undertook an onsite survey and discovered that there was a limited availability of copper pairs which would require an expensive upgrade to current infrastructure needed to support the number of concurrent calls that this business required.

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The Solution

The Aussie Broadband Hosted PBX with plans that include all Local, National and Mobile Calls. Additionally, the infrastructure requirements are minimal, only a single copper pair needed for the Dedicated Voice Service. In this case no upgrade of the lead-in was required, and the installation was straightforward and quick. The Dedicated Voice Service installed supports the call volumes required that occur in this busy Real Estate hub. Aussie Broadband’s Hosted PABX solution is fully compatible with the nbn™ when it arrives saving the need for further costly changes to the business.

Harris and Wood, have are now using the Hosted PABX solution from Aussie Broadband. The system was installed with minimal fuss and is meeting all requirements of their business.

Services: Enterprise nbn™, Hosted PBX Phones.

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The Result

In the end there were three compelling reasons that led Harris and Wood to choose the Aussie Broadband Hosted PABX solution:

One, No Capital or installation costs and predictable monthly expenses!

Since there is no equipment to purchase, therefore not putting a drain on the company’s cash flow. With a traditional PABX there can be a large cost, either, upfront or bundled in as a finance option on your monthly bill.

Two, Scalability and obsolescence.

Aussie Broadband’s Hosted PABX solution can support large numbers of extensions, this means the customer will never be constrained by our system. Also the platform is and will be continually upgraded so that new features are available to them at no additional cost.

Three, Business continuity.

As Aussie Broadband’s Hosted PABX solution is located across fully redundant facilities with safeguards including backup power and equipment, events at your location such as localised outages will have no effect to their business. The team at Harris & Wood can simply log onto to the Aussie Broadband Business Portal or call the Aussie Broadband Support team and have the calls automatically routed to an alternate number or location with minimal disruption to the business.

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