We’re here to build better communities and change the game in Community Impact

We have a deep interest in not only technology, but also values and ethics, the underdog, regional Australia and the occasional good belly laugh. In our Community Impact program, we are most interested in changing the game where two or more of those things intersect.

Some of the ways we help

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    Reducing negative impacts of technology on mental health
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    Using technology to help remote communities, survivors of domestic violence, young people
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    Creating job opportunities for people experiencing disadvantage
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    Providing opportunity for reconciliation and partnership with Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander communities
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    Championing regional development
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    Coding workshops for marginalised regional Australians

As part our commitment to Community Impact, Aussie Broadband has joined Pledge 1%

1% pledge proud member

Pledge 1% is a global initiative where businesses donate 1% of their profit, equity, product or time in order to give back to their communities in any way they can. Our involvement in Pledge 1% revolves around two of our unique assets that we can harness in order to do good – our people and our High speed nbn™ with unbeatable customer service. So, we have committed to dedicating 1% in the areas of Time and Equity (EBITDA).

To find out more about how we could contribute to your community group or organisation, with discounted services, staff time or partnerships, follow the links below!

Check out some of the fantastic organisations we’re supporting as part of Pledge 1%


HoMie is a streetwear label with a store on Brunswick Street, Melbourne and a social enterprise that uses 100% of its profits towards achieving their mission in supporting young people affected by homelessness or hardship to equip them with the skills, confidence and experiences to be more work-ready and better prepared for their future

We support them with services to ensure the fantastic outcomes for their young people continue to grow and can reach across the state.

Perth Observatory

The Perth Observatory has served WA for over 120 years and remains actively involved in the service of public education.

The team at Perth Observatory don’t just use Aussie Broadband services for day-to-day operations, they also use them to send back data on space junk from one of their telescopes to the U.S. The services allow students and researchers around the world to use the R-COP telescope for their research and studies.

Aussie Broadband is helping Perth Observatory not only to be a gateway for Perth but for everyone around the world.

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