10 Tips to Working from Home & Home Schooling

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As if working from home wasn’t hard enough, welcome to Home Schooling and Working From Home.

You are likely a little bit stressed about how in the world you are going to make this work – aren’t we all?!

So we thought we would quiz some of our parents who are juggling things like you are. They revealed some pretty ‘interesting’ things, and some helpful tips to cope.

Tip 1: Take the pressure down

Thank you John Farnham for the splendid advice! But seriously, don’t pressure yourself into being the perfect teacher. Teaching and keeping rambunctious children occupied that have the focus of a goldfish is hard! This is a unique situation and there are lots of people in the same boat as you. Reach out to class parents for support and exchange your war stories and victories. Even talk to people at work who are dealing with the same thing.

Tip 2: Routine is key

Try to plan your child’s learning tasks out. This should help you figure out when you are working and when you’re helping your child learn. A whiteboard that has the day’s schedule on it will help everyone feel like there is a routine to work within. Kids love a routine and knowing what comes next.

Tip 3: TLC

With less time to yourself, make sure you find some time to do something you love. BY YOURSELF! Read a book, do Yoga, whatever helps you Zen, do it! We all need some alone time for TLC, especially during this time when we can’t escape our family. No matter how much you adore them, they will tread on every last nerve if you don’t have some time to yourself.


Be prepared for that. At all times. Do not let your guard down or they will pounce when you don’t expect it. Not only are we becoming really good friends with the pantry, our kids are too. How on Earth do they eat so much?! Try preparing a lunch box like you normally would. That should at least give you a few hours respite.

Tip 5: I need Tech Support

Setting up the recommended learning apps can be painful, even for someone who works for an IT company. We’re all human, so reach out to someone if you need help. Or have some resources downloaded so they can keep working while you try to figure our the mystery of the IT universe and persuade an app to play nice.

Tip 6: Drinking games a no-no

Don’t play a drinking game where you have to take a shot every time your child doesn’t understand something, and you don’t understand it either. You’ll end up with alcohol poisoning.

Tip 7: Coffee

Do we need to say any more?

Tip 8: Learn

Take this opportunity to get to know your child’s strengths and weaknesses and use that constructively. It helps the reports make sense watching them do their work in real-time.

Tip 9: Every little thing, is gonna be alright

Admit it, you sang the title of this one!

Try not to stress. Focus on the important things and don’t stress the small things. It can be overwhelming if you worry about absolutely everything that happens.

Tip 10: Teachers are angels without wings

No longer will we take for granted what these angels do for our babies. They can hold the attention of 20 plus kids exactly like ours. That is truly phenomenal! They deserve to be rewarded with chocolates, a huge pay rise and a trip to the Bahamas. Well, once the travel ban has been lifted, of course.


We have created a nifty little activity page for your kids (or you) to wind down after the day is done. You can download it here.


Note: None of us are experts in the field of teaching. We are just sharing our experiences and advice from the past few days of home schooling.