11 of the best home office setups we’ve come across

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aussiebroadband - 11 of the best home office setups we’ve come across

What is the perfect home office setup? Whether you’re a full-time remote worker, someone keeping busy through the COVID-19 lockdown by working from home, a digital dabbler or just want a cool breakout room to have fun in, we’ve got you covered. Check out this list of features that define the perfect home office setup, and why they’re so important.

1. Minimal and musical

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We’re kicking things off with this super cool and minimalist home studio. Perfect for everything from working online, recording music or just hanging out. The minimalist helps provide a little extra room in the small space, while mirrored glass on the storage area not only keep things tidy, but helps make the room feel a little more spacious.

Spotlights over the futon showcase a relaxing nook as a place to unwind, as does clever placement of the rug and wall paper to help ‘break up’ the sections of the room. This layout is great for apartment living, or anywhere in the home where there’s a room that’s too small to be a bedroom.

Over at the business end, the floating desk keep things spacious and minimal, with enough room for a desk chair and guitar stand. Low back desk chairs are great for saving space as well, tucking neatly beneath the table when not needed.

2. Flying high

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Flight simulator flyboys no longer need be content with a mouse and keyboard. This custom setup has only one thing on it’s mind! This home office is more about playtime than work time, but if you’ve got the hardware, why not show it off as best you can? With virtual reality soon to become the reality for gaming, a setup that mimics the form of a cockpit is just the thing for that added layer of immersion.

3. A nook for all seasons

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When you don’t have enough room for a dedicated office space, a study nook can turn an unused area into a pleasant space for occasional productivity.

Positioning the desk near a window creates a pleasant, relaxing vibe, with an ever-changing view and enough natural light to make a small space feel spacious. The minimalist desk and uncluttered surface lend harmony, while the use of a dining chair from the table beyond the divider helps to save both space and money.

4. The ultimate gamer’s den

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With more screen real estate than NASA, this outrageous dual multiscreen setup from Stefan Didak is actually two workstations in one. Didak, a programmer, does most of his coding on the setup to the left, with the two portrait view monitors providing overhead for lengths of code. Meanwhile, the setup to the right is the server station, where Didak can test his creations out under stress and see how they perform in live environments.

Didak claims powering up both his high performance rigs causes the neighbourhood grid to pulse. With Australian energy prices reaching all time highs, now might not be the best time to invest in such a power hungry setup. Still, it’s interesting to see the lengths some programmers will go to, just to avoid having to press alt+tab every now and then.

5. Rustic charm

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If you work from home full time, then you need an office space that’s more than just a desk and chair. The rustic charm of this sundrenched renovated shed offers the perfect getaway from the household for getting things done.

Endless storage means there is a place for everything, while use of bright colours keeps the mood positive, even on dreary days. Calendars and creative boards mean you don’t need to fire up the workstation to see what you’re up to at a glance.

Finally, wood floorboards, a hard wearing rug and clean lines give the home office a touch of class to offset the rustic finishes.

6. L3P D3SK

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The world famous L3P D3SK is a liquid cooled high end gaming PC – built into a desk! Complete with a full hardware run down and video how-tos, it was all developed by electrician Peter Brands. With a core i7 and a pair of Nvidia GTX 980s, it’s a beautiful beast that lights up in gamer green.

7. Modular monochrome

aussiebroadband - 11 of the best home office setups3

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This home office boasts clean lines, a minimalist colour palette and a light, elegant finish. But what you really need to pay attention to here is that just about everything in the space can be moved, rearranged and, in some cases, reused in other parts of the house.

The idea of a flexible or modular home office will suit renters and tinkerers – anyone who loves to rearrange often, or just try out new looks without overspending.

The secondary chair works well as a casual dining chair. The storage shelves would look just as good in a living room, while the zebra print rug works just about anywhere, thanks to a simple tonal contrast in black and white. We love this space for its elegance and versatility, perfect for the modern home.

8. Trading by the numbers

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If you’ve ever dabbled in day trading then you know the stock market rewards those with the right information. Day trader Steve Price built this rig way back in 2010 to keep an eye (or 40) on the markets. Six PCs power this huge setup, which originally called for 60 monitors, until Price ran out of real estate and had to settle for 40. The stock market maverick is also a programmer, so at least he’s getting dual usage out of his mega office.

9. Warehouse work and life balance

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Wood, stone and metal combine in this awesome home office setup that just oozes style and sophistication. The desk surface is reclaimed wood, while the hint of colour provided by the desk lamp, along with the beige leather desk chair, help to offset the darker tones of the room.

For open plan spaces like this warehouse conversion, you don’t necessarily have to define the space with rugs. Instead, using statement furniture like the desk (and the barstool in the kitchen) can define the space for you.

The three generous windows provide great light, as does sunlight coming in from the loft upstairs, while the bookshelves make good use of the wall space and help create continuity between the workplace and the kitchen/eating area. Finally, the hanging lights and chandelier highlight the contemporary quality of this high end home office.

10. Two tone for 2

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Clever use of wall space makes this narrow room a creative getaway suitable for two. The monochromatic colour scheme extends from sliding doors and shelving, to a grip mat on the floor (essential in narrow, tiled workspaces to prevent chairs from rolling into cabinets).

The hanging halogen lamp supplements hidden downlights in the ceiling, helping adjust the mood, and great for people who work in visual media like photography and graphic arts. Alternatively, a setup like this could be good for the couple that likes to game together.

11. Working the angles

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Combining contemporary quality with a breezy, cottage feel, this corner desk makes use of the space between the door and the window, cramming a fully fledged workspace into only a few metres of space.

Plants on the desk brighten up the area that already receives generous sunlight. Other highlights like the silver lamp, photo frame and clock lend an air of sophistication. Ample storage place keeps all your tech stored away. This setup would be perfect for the family home.

Tips for every remote worker

Beyond having a good home office setup, there are other essential items that will ensure your success when working from home – dedication, the appropriate technology and tools, and a stable internet connection. Contact Aussie Broadband today for a free internet quote.