5G vs nbn™ – what’s the best internet for your business?

March 17th, 2021 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Heidi Kraak

With the staged rollout of the 5G network in Australia, businesses are being offered a growing smorgasbord of network connection options.

With predicted peak download speeds of up to 20 Gps, the latest iteration of mobile connectivity is being pitched as an alternative to fixed-line connections in Australia. On the other hand, a bold new NBN Co package will offer $0 fibre upgrades* – the fastest and most reliable nbn™ connection available today – to 90% of Australian businesses.

In a constantly-evolving technological landscape in which internet reliability and speed are vital to survival, businesses are left with the dizzying decision of how to configure their network connections – is it safer to stick to fixed-line nbn™ services or is 5G the way of the future? How do these technologies compare, and how can they be leveraged to expand and improve your business?

What is 5G?

5G stands for the fifth generation of wireless mobile networks. It is designed to deliver higher data speeds and bandwidths more reliably than past network iterations.

While the predicted capabilities of 5G are certainly impressive – gigabit speeds are expected to be the norm once it reaches its peak – the network is only available in a handful of locations across Australia at the moment, and users must have 5G-compatible devices.

That said, the 5G network is being touted as ‘revolutionary’, with potential to change the way we live and work – if everything is endlessly connected, technologies such as autonomous cars, Internet of Things devices, augmented reality and telemedicine could be adapted into everyday life.

What is the nbn™?

The National Broadband Network is an update to Australia’s fixed-line phone and internet connection infrastructure. Existing copper lines are being replaced with a mix of fibre-optic cables, fixed wireless and satellite in a staged rollout.

As of June 2020, 11.7 million homes and business premises across the country had access to nbn™ fixed-line services. Wholesalers NBN Co estimate the network’s highest peak speed tiers – of 500 Mbps to close to 1 Gbps** – will be available on demand to about 75 percent of homes and businesses on the network by 2023.

Is 5G better than nbn™ for business?

Effective and reliable connectivity is vital for businesses seeking to remain relevant in today’s economy. With an increasing migration of everyday business operations towards the digital space, it’s vital businesses get their connectivity mix right – businesses without decent internet will struggle to remain competitive as everything from marketing to data storage becomes Cloud-based.

While 5G pitches itself as a reliable alternative to fixed-line services, there are a range of factors to consider when selecting the type of connectivity to power your business. Take a deep dive into how 5G and fixed-line nbn™ connectivity compare in our free ebook.
You’ll discover how the two perform in terms of speed, reliability, availability and cost, with recommendations for how your business can make the most of both technologies.

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*$0 fibre install available in select areas with our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service on a 36-month contract.

**Due to equipment and network limitations the maximum wholesale speed of business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is 952Mbps. Actual throughput speeds may vary due to many factors including the performance of network equipment not operated by Aussie Broadband. Terms and conditions apply.