8 reasons why your business needs a hosted PBX phone system

February 10th, 2017 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Aaron O'Keeffe

When you think of cloud hosting it’s likely you think about pure software services and data storage as the most common uses. But did you know that cloud hosting can also augment many of your physical communication tools as well?

A legacy PBX system requires a lot of capital and ongoing maintenance to deploy, but moving your communications tools to the cloud lets your business get rid of excess capital expenditure and treat your PBX like a service instead. There are many reasons to consider a hosted PBX solution for your company, but what are they?

1) Save on costs with cloud hosted PBX

One clear advantage of cloud hosted systems is the cost savings, primarily due to lower hardware requirements and maintenance. Legacy PBX systems have a greater amount of hardware required, and with that hardware comes the cost of equipment upgrades, ongoing maintenance and repairs.

With cloud hosted PBX, your provider takes on most of the risk associated with the physical infrastructure. Generally all you need is a stable internet connection and access to their front end to manage your account services.

Cloud hosted PBX providers also operate at a large enough scale that their hardware maintenance can happen without disruption to your business. Their model provides for the ongoing maintenance and deployment of hardware, meaning you won’t have to incur additional maintenance costs.

2) Scale up (or down) seamlessly

Cloud hosting means scalability for your business. Adding new lines, changing account information or removing users where needed can all be done through the provider’s web interface. And you aren’t required to install additional hardware or worry about depreciation and ongoing maintenance.

In addition, as cloud hosted PBX can provide scale across a number of price points, it also gives businesses the comfort of shopping around for the best deal to suit their needs. PBX cloud services have to compete for your business on a platform of reliable scalability.

3) Easy to trial and adopt with minimum start up capital

Trialling a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud hosted PBX solution doesn’t require a lot of upfront capital or painful transitions. Your current IT support team will likely be able to implement it with relatively little fuss. The most important feature you need is a stable internet connection with enough capacity to handle your cloud hosting needs.

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4) Simpler to move than hardware PBX

If your business is changing offices or relocating staff temporarily or permanently, you will find cloud hosted PBX offers a much smoother transition to your new premises. A good cloud host puts control in your hands through a web based admin panel, while their customer support staff can provide assistance if you run into any hiccups.

Staff or teams relocated to a new office won’t require new hardware systems to get back to business as usual, and for full office moves there’s a lot less cabling and hardware to move (and worry about). If your business is considering an office move or is a growing startup, then a hosted PBX system can definitely make things easier.

5) Speedy turn around from disaster recovery

Anyone that has had to deal with business recovery from property damage due to theft, fire or flooding knows that there is a lot of disruption to both staff and customers. It’s probably the most stressful event your business can go through, and even the best laid plans don’t guarantee a perfect recovery.

Recovering can be made much easier with cloud hosted PBX. Phone lines are considered to be in the top three services every company needs up and running to continue with business as usual. Even if you can’t action your business, you can still field calls, talk to customers and take notes for when things are back to normal.

Running telephony over IP means it is much easier to re-engage your phone lines once everyone is safe and sound. There’s less hardware to worry about and less cabling. Just log into the cloud hosted PBX and away you go.

6) Secured with integrity

A key component of cloud hosted services is providing secure access and data backup. You should definitely shop around and make sure the provider can guarantee safe and secure store and backup of your data as part of the Service Level Agreement.

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7) Integration with other cloud based services

SaaS integration through APIs means better integration across your platforms. As many businesses move their data and services to the cloud, it opens up more fluid transitions for your staff and new ways of building and managing your teams. Cloud hosted PBX is only the start of a better way for working through Infrastructure and SaaS.

8) Great for distributed and remote teams

One of the big issues with remote teams who are distributed around the country (or the globe) is a lack of consistency in telephony. Avoid complex call forwarding and use a cloud hosted PBX to better manage your team, and ensure your clients can reach who they need to without needing a yellow pages.

Your customers will appreciate the consistency and your staff will feel (and act) more professional with a dedicated set of numbers.

Move to a cloud hosted PBX today

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