A guide to nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

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Is your internet slowing your business down?

As everyday functions of business migrate to The Cloud and high-bandwidth applications are integrated into everyday operations, businesses need access to connectivity that is not only fast, but also incredibly reliable.

If your Business nbn™ plan isn’t keeping up with the demands of your company, nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet could be the answer.

What is nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet?

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is a high bandwidth way for businesses to connect their Local Area Networks (LANs) with the internet, and to streamline the performance of their Wide Area Networks (WANs).

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet WAN is delivered via a fibre optic cable and is features symmetrical plans ranging from nbn™ 100/100 to nbn™ 1000/1000 *. This makes it an attractive option for large companies around the world, who are using it for everything from cloud computing and disaster recovery backup to the sharing, storage and transfer of increasingly large amounts of data.

Why should businesses be signing up for nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet?

A wired connection such as enterprise ethernet offers businesses a big range of advantages over other technologies such as wireless internet.

  • Speed – nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet offers symmetrical plans ranging from nbn™ 100/100 to nbn™ 1000/1000, while the highest plan available on Business nbn™ is nbn™ 1000/400.
  • Reliability – a wired connection such as a fibre optic cable is much more reliable, as it is not subject to the same amount of interference as experienced by a wireless connection.
  • Control – a wired network gives a business full control over who has access to it, preventing it from becoming overloaded with non-business critical traffic.
  • Security – this control also translates into greater security, as it is a lot easier to keep unauthorised visitors out of a wired network.
  • Value – while initially more expensive than other types of connection, once installed, enterprise ethernet can pay for itself in cost savings to a business in a relatively short period of time.

The difference between enterprise and residential ethernet?

Enterprise ethernet is more expensive than residential ethernet and there are a number of reasons for the difference in price. Enterprise ethernet offers:

  • Flexible configurations – a lot of organisations have security or user demands that require sophisticated routing configurations and enterprise ethernet offers these businesses the flexibility to meet their needs.
  • Direct access to data centre and cloud services – enterprise ethernet allows businesses to connect directly to their data centre or cloud storage via a WAN, providing significant gains in availability, speed and security.
  • The option to use your own equipment – enterprise ethernet often gives businesses the option of using their own connection equipment for expense management purposes, rather than vendor-supplied equipment.
  • Static IP address – unlike residential ethernet where the IP address can change over time, enterprise ethernet typically includes a static IP address, allowing a business to configure applications such as on site hosting and to create a VPN for secure remote employee access.
  • High contention ratio – enterprise ethernet has a higher contention ratio than residential ethernet (greater number of users allowable at one time) to ensure that a business has continued access to data, even when bandwidth is at a premium.
  • Scalability – enterprise ethernet connections are usually more flexible to allow businesses with aggressive growth plans to upgrade their speed and bandwidth as required.
  • Customer service – enterprise ethernet users have access to 24/7 expert support, while residential ethernet users generally have less or lower quality access to assistance.
  • Service-level agreements – enterprise ethernet plans normally include an uptime guarantee accomplished through continuity planning, which can include redundant internet connections available for fast switch over if needed.

The current ethernet landscape

While enterprise ethernet has been used by big business overseas for some time, until now it has only been available to Australian businesses at a prohibitive cost that only the largest corporations could afford.

But thanks to a new initiative by NBN Co, cost-effective enterprise ethernet is now available to any enterprise requiring the speed and reliability of a super fast fibre optic connection. This initiative is a new wholesale product called nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet, which offers business customers access to a network operating at symmetrical speeds, capable or reaching close to 1Gbps. Eligible businesses can even access a $0 fibre install** when they sign up to a 36-month nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service.

A point-to-point fibre connection backed by a service level agreement, nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is designed to meet the needs of businesses with high bandwidth requirements, such as those operating enterprise network systems and cloud based solutions.

It is also designed to meet international compatibility standards which will allow for a seamless integration of networks between offices located around the world.

nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet is the ideal choice for powering cloud services, IP phone systems, video, audio and other end-user services and, if you’re a larger business already on a fixed-line nbn™ service, upgrading to nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet with Wideband is an excellent way to future proof your organisation.

nbn co says support for the service will be provided by a dedicated team who understands Australian business and further expansion and enhancements of the speed and features are planned in the near future.

Aussie Broadband offers nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet at a great value rate and with a great range of features including installation to your door within 30 days (with SLA), access to ultrafast plans, 3-class service traffic prioritisation, 24/7 Australian-based expert support, and a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

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* Terms and conditions apply. Actual throughput speeds may vary due to many factors including the performance of network equipment not operated by Aussie Broadband.

**$0 fibre upgrade subject to a site qualification check and only available on a 36-month contract.

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