Aussie Broadband plans update August 2018

August 30th, 2018 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Phillip Britt

We’re pleased to advise a number of plan changes which have become effective today (30/08/2018).

Fixed Wireless Pricing
Different FW pricing was introduced back in May because nbn introduced discounts for fixed line customers that didn’t apply to FW customers. As we were paying more for FW services we needed to charge more. A few weeks ago, however, nbn announced they would be introducing the same discounts to Fixed Wireless customers as well. This was in part due to our pretty heavy campaigning on the issue. This means we can now offer our Fixed Wireless customers the same plans and pricing as the other technologies. Before you ask, yes, this includes the unlimited 50/20 plan for $79. I know many of you will be happy about that.

We have introduced an unlimited nbn25 plan
As part of our push into a more mainstream market we believe there is a need to offer a cheaper unlimited plan for those that want unlimited, but don’t need a 50/20 or 100/40 speed. As such we will be introducing a nbn25 unlimited plan for $69. Please note any of our $10 off promos currently being offered do not apply to the nbn25 unlimited plan. Because l know people will ask, this plan is based on the 50/20 wholesale bundle and then being shaped down to 25/5.

There have been price drops to some nbn25, nbn150 and nbn250 plans. Existing customers will be automatically migrated to a better plan.

With the introduction of the nbn25 unlimited product at $69, we needed to adjust the rest of the nbn25 tier down in price to keep it all in alignment. Moving forward, the nbn25 tier is the same as the nbn50 tier, just $10 less. We have also taken this opportunity to reduce some of our prices on the nbn150 and nbn250 plans now that they are also able to be moved into the new nbn pricing. As part of being good to people, which of course includes our customers, we have decided to automatically upgrade anyone affected by the plan changes to a better plan. In most instances, customers will get more data for the same price or less than they are paying now. For example:

  • Customer on a nbn25 plan paying less than $69 will be upgraded to a higher data allowance for the same price (if applicable)
  • Customer on a nbn25 plan paying $69 or more will be upgraded to the $69 unlimited plan
  • Customer on a nbn50 Fixed Wireless plan paying less than $79 will be upgraded to a higher data allowance for the same price
  • Customer on a nbn50 Fixed Wireless plan paying $79 or more will be upgraded to the $79 unlimited plan
  • Customer on a nbn150 or nbn250 plan will be upgraded to a higher data allowance for the same price

The plan changes will all be scheduled for your next billing cycle. MyAussie will also be updated with the new plans and prices if you want to move sooner (to get unlimited data for example). Emails will start going out in batches over the next few days.

We will no longer be offering plans below 100GB (or 500GB on nbn100 and above)

As part of the new pricing from nbn some of our lower data plans are no longer profitable. This means that moving forward we will be retiring the nbn25 and nbn50 plans less than 100GB, and the nbn100 plans less than 500GB. As per usual, any existing customers on these plans will be grandfathered and will not be affected.

We will now be including modems on our unlimited plans on a 24 month contract

Yep, this is a big one. Firstly, we still offer no contract on all plans. This is just another option we are adding. In order to provide more value and options, we will now be giving new customers the option to get the NF18ACV included for $0 upfront on a 24 month contract.

The contracts will work as follows:

  • Contracts will be available on the unlimited plans only
  • The contract period will be for 24 months from when the customer’s service is connected (ie when the application starts billing).
  • Shipping charges still apply ($15 for standard, $20 for express).
  • The contract exit fee will be $149 (the cost of the router) or the remainder of the contract, whichever is less. A contract customer is still able to change plans at any time for no plan change fee, however, they will only be allowed to change between the other contract plans.
  • If a contract customer does a plan change it does not affect the start/end dates of their contract.
  • If a contract customer wants to change to a non-contract plan (eg 100GB etc) then the exit fee will apply.
  • If a customer is relocating we will roll their contract over to their new service (so they do not have to pay an exit fee, provided an nbn service is available at the new address).
  • No contract plans will still be available the same prices, they just won’t include the hardware for free.

You can make any plan changes online through your My.Aussie portal, or by speaking with our sales team by calling 1300 880 905.

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