Aussie Broadband new plan shake-up

December 11th, 2019.

Aussie Broadband New Plans December 2019

Aussie Broadband has announced a significant plan shake-up today, including completely new speed tiers of 250/25 and 100/20.

Managing Director, Phillip Britt, says the shake-up is taking advantage of NBN’s new wholesale packages which were announced recently.

Aussie has been offering 250/100 plans for some time but has taken the new wholesale opportunity to reduce the upload on its 250 residential tier, and as a result has significantly reduced the cost to customers from $250 a month to $169.

Aussie believes the new 100/20 unlimited plan will become its main ‘hero’ plan for residential customers.

“This option has half the upload speed but it’s more than 10 percent cheaper than the current 100/40 plan, coming in at $89,” said Phil.

“Ultimately, these new higher speed plans provide an alternative affordable option for customers who don’t need to upload large files, documents or videos. Upload capacity is often more useful for small business owners like graphic designers or game designers, so we’ve kept it available in our small business plans.”

Aussie is also:

  • Re-introducing the smaller 12/1 plan for customers who only need basic browsing and emails, starting at $40 per month;
  • Dropping its “slider” plans that offered customised data;
  • Reducing some of its small business plans, with the 250/100 unlimited plan dropping by over $70, and;
  • Dropping the cost of a Static IP.

Phil said existing customers don’t need to worry about the changes as their plan will remain the same, unless they choose to change.

“Because of the way NBN is now charging on wholesale bundles, we are dropping our ‘slider’ plans that allowed customers to choose their data in very small increments,” he said.

“Sliders will no longer be available with the new plans, but they will be grandfathered so that customers currently on a slider plan can still slide their data up and down as needed,” he said.

“Most of our plans will now have data offerings of 100GB, 500GB or unlimited.”

Phil said the company is also planning to release more products next year.

“We expect to launch other new products, including new routers and hosted softphones, in January. Not surprisingly, we are also keen to offer 1Gbps plans in May when NBN introduces the product,” he said.

More information about Aussie Broadband’s new plans can be found here.


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