Aussie Broadband welcomes new ACCC guidelines

August 23rd, 2017. AussieBB

Aussie Broadband has welcomed the new ACCC guidelines for describing peak hour speeds in marketing material.

Managing Director, Phillip Britt, said that anything that helps to clarify for customers what speeds they can get on their NBN service will be useful.

“Aussie Broadband has worked with the ACCC during the process of setting up the guidelines, and we’re more than happy to comply with them.

“We are already meeting the guidelines with many of our current practices, such as encouraging new NBN customers to start on a lower speed plan, and then only changing up if we can see that their line is capable of greater speeds.

“We don’t sell contracted plans, because we believe if customers aren’t happy with our service, they should be free to leave with no penalty.

“And we also know that because of our CVC management, we’ll be able to provide customers with a clear picture that we manage our network to avoid congestion.”

Phil said Aussie is already reviewing its marketing materials and processes to meet the requirements of the guidelines.
“We expect to have them up and running within three months.

“Our principle has always been that we don’t muck the customer around, and we think these guidelines will continue to help us in that aim.”

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