How to build redundancy into your business connectivity

July 27th, 2021. Heidi Kraak

No business can afford downtime. Many businesses are almost as dependent on connectivity as they are on electricity - internet outages can easily grind business operations to a halt if there is no failover in place. Depending on the nature and size of the business, and the length of the outage, businesses can po

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How to reduce internet congestion for your business

June 2nd, 2021. Heidi Kraak

There are few things as disruptive to workplace productivity as a slow or congested internet connection. Whether you’re in the middle of a teleconference meeting and the speaker starts to glitch, or you’re trying to send a large file to another office and your upload capacity isn’t coping, network congestion

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Three ways connectivity is shaping Australian healthcare

May 3rd, 2021. Heidi Kraak

The healthcare industry is rapidly digitising. While the pandemic has exacerbated this trend, it would be remiss to assume the various lockdowns around the country are the only factors fuelling healthcare’s growing reliance on connectivity. Technology and healthcare have always worked in tandem to improve

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Gigabit speeds for all Australians – is this a fantasy?

April 1st, 2021. Heidi Kraak

Nationwide gigabit speeds may sound like a fanciful dream - particularly in a country as vast as Australia. However, that reality may be closer than you think. Faster internet speeds are becoming increasingly accessible for businesses and residential users across the country thanks to a range of developments

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5G vs nbn™ – what’s the best internet for your business?

March 17th, 2021. Heidi Kraak

With the staged rollout of the 5G network in Australia, businesses are being offered a growing smorgasbord of network connection options. With predicted peak download speeds of up to 20 Gps, the latest iteration of mobile connectivity is being pitched as an alternative to fixed-line connections in Australia. On

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