8 Reasons Your Business Needs Hosted PBX

February 10th, 2017. Aaron O'Keeffe

When you think of cloud hosting it’s likely you think about pure software services and data storage as the most common uses. But did you know that cloud hosting can also augment many of your physical communication tools as well? A legacy PBX system requires a lot of capital and ongoing maintenance to deploy, b

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How to Connect Securely to Cloud Providers

January 21st, 2017. AussieBB

One of the best reasons for a business to move to a cloud infrastructure is to take advantage of advanced security measures without the increased cost of managing your own cybersecurity teams. However, it’s essential for business owners to remember that cloud services provided by companies like Amazon (AWS), Micr

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The 10 Best Online Project Management Tools to Increase Business Productivity

January 16th, 2017. Aaron O'Keeffe

If you have ever worked on a complex project, you probably already know about the tremendous value that quality project management software can deliver. Using a suitable project management tool facilitates communication, better coordination and improved tracking – all of which can boost productivity and help you

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How Online Outsourcing can Grow Your Small Business

December 20th, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

To some, outsourcing might be a dirty word, but looking outside your business to ease the burden of the daily grind can be a great way to get ahead. For the modern small business owner, there are a number of ways you can automate many of the routine tasks or ongoing expenses of your business, freeing up your time to fo

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Telecommuting Tools Every Remote Worker Needs

December 10th, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

Are you considering making the switch to telecommuting, or already a remote worker? This is the essential list of hardware and applications every telecommuter needs to make the most of working from home. The right setup Working remotely offers a lot of freedom for folks to choose where, when and how they work. Depen

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