7 Tips for Improving Your Online Business

November 2nd, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

Running a digital business can be simultaneously the most rewarding and challenging way to earn a living. And while there are times it seems like there’s always another mountain to climb, there are tried and true methods for improving your online business. Here are seven tips to put you back on track. Self disci

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Companies Dominating the Internet in 2016

October 20th, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

While big names remain top of their game, new trends and smart technologies are providing platforms for startups as well as upswings for legacy companies who missed the boat during the smartphone revolution. 2016 won’t go down in history as a time of massive digital change, but there are some interesting players be

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8 Tips for Transforming Your Small Business into a Successful Global One

September 25th, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

The idea of taking your small business and turning it into a successful global enterprise can seem exciting, yet a remote possibility. However, with the degree of connectedness, integration of global communications, and tools that could allow you to scale quickly, this dream can be realised – if you plan it caref

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4 Ways the Internet of Things will Completely Change Your Business

September 11th, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been hailed as a game-changing phenomenon for consumers and businesses. IoT is the idea that any device or product can be fitted with sensors, tracked, and managed or acted on in some way through the Internet. This technology promises to change everything from the nature of product

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13 Numbers, A Bad Experience that Can Cost You Money

August 1st, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

I had a customer call me a while back asking how they went about getting a 13 number for their business. I said it’s rather simple and offered to register a 1300 number for them but what they were after was a premium 13 number like 13 231. I explained that these types of numbers are bought through the ACMA at auct

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