How the Internet of Things is transforming Aussie businesses

June 20th, 2022. Colette Smith

Regardless of what industry your business sits within, IoT - or the Internet of Things - has the potential to transform what you do and how you do it. In fact, it probably already is.  That smart watch you’re wearing, the handheld point of sale device you used to pay for your morning coffee, the virtual assis

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5G vs nbn™ – What’s the best internet for your business?

April 19th, 2022. Heidi Kraak

With the staged rollout of the 5G network in Australia currently underway, businesses have a growing smorgasbord of network connection options on the table. With predicted peak download speeds of up to 20 Gps, the latest iteration of mobile connectivity is being pitched as an alternative to fixed-line connection

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The best encrypted messaging apps to keep your team connected

August 17th, 2021. Heidi Kraak

If your team works remotely, regularly travels or moves between different offices, maintaining healthy lines of communication can often be complex. Mobile messaging apps are a simple way to keep connected on-the-go. However, not all mobile messaging apps are equal. Different mobile apps have varying degrees of

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5G vs 4G – which mobile plan is best for me?

May 12th, 2021. Heidi Kraak

There’s been a lot of hype around the rollout of the 5G network. With words like ‘revolutionary’ being flung around and big predictions being made about its future capabilities, it can be hard to cut through the fanfare and distil the genuine benefits of the 5G network for consumers today. This leaves us w

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8 Tips To Make Your Mobile Phone Your Primary Work Device

August 16th, 2020.

Many of us are remote working at the moment, as self-isolation proves to be the most effective way for society to deal with COVID-19. Even once the immediate threat of the illness has passed, however, we’re probably going to see a shift in people’s attitude to work, as organisations start to discover that remot

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