What’s Hot on Fetch this September

September 15th, 2020. Nicole

How is it September already?! Time really does fly. Fill your September with entertainment on Fetch with these top titles. I'll Be Gone in the Dark True crime documentary... Need I say more or are you already interested? What's it all about? This six-part docuseries revolves around the late Michelle McNamara

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The Impact of Gaming Updates – and why your streaming may also be affected

August 19th, 2020. jameso

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to enjoy some nice down time, only for the Netflix show you are currently bingeing to show you the dreaded ‘buffering circle’. It’s closely followed by the disappointment of messaging your friends to squad up and play some Warzone, only to find that there is anothe

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What’s Hot on Fetch this August

August 7th, 2020. Nicole

With some new features thanks to the latest Fetch release, now is the perfect time to get into Fetch! Here are some titles to get you excited! NBA Basketball is back on ESPN! After a long hiatus, the 2019-20 season has re-started with the final 16 teams set for the playoffs. The question everyone is asking, is

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Price increase announcement

August 3rd, 2020. Phillip Britt

Recently we flagged concerns about the current NBN CVC wholesale pricing model, and that we believe it (along with other increased costs) will force internet providers to choose between congestion or higher prices. That time is now for Aussie Broadband. The difficult news is that we need to raise the sale price of s

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What’s Hot on Fetch this July

July 3rd, 2020. Nicole

Welcome to the latest instalment of our What's Hot on Fetch blog series! We hope, if you're still in lockdown, it is becoming easier to deal with. This month Fetch has even more new releases to keep you and your kids entertained. Little Fires Everywhere Are you a fan of Big Little Lies? This could be your next

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