Tech Tip: Protecting your network

June 30th, 2020. jameso

If, like me, you've thought to yourself, how can I make sure that my home network is safe and protected from unwanted intruders or hackers, then this is the blog for you. As we enter a new age where technology becomes smarter and working from home becomes more acceptable, it's more important than ever to ensure

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What’s Hot on Fetch this June

June 15th, 2020. Nicole

This month on Fetch, there's some great titles for you to enjoy. We won't carry on, let's get into them! The Invisible Man If gripping and unpredictable psychological thrillers are your thing, you're in luck! Not only is it an amazing film, it's one of the best-reviewed movies of the year. It brings together sci-

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Streaming left you screaming? Here’s some helpful tips

May 27th, 2020. jameso

You're parked on the couch having binged the last several episodes of your new favourite TV show, it's all about to go down aaaand you get the buffering ring of doom! Is there anything worse in the world? I mean probably, but in that moment the answer is definitely NO. You mutter "You've got to be kidding me," a

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What’s Hot on Fetch this May

May 8th, 2020. Nicole

Isolation is probably making you bored out of your brain so why not keep yourself entertained with Fetch! Fetch is a great solution that provides all your entertainment in one place, bringing together your favourite streaming services, new release movies and TV shows, Free-to-Air and Catch-Up TV, and so much more! Y

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10 Tips to Working from Home & Home Schooling

April 17th, 2020.

As if working from home wasn't hard enough, welcome to Home Schooling and Working From Home. You are likely a little bit stressed about how in the world you are going to make this work - aren't we all?! So we thought we would quiz some of our parents who are juggling things like you are. They revealed some pr

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