Ditching the landline: 11 benefits of switching to VoIP at home

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Aussie Broadband -11 benefits of switching to VoIP at home

Are you weighing up making the switch to VoIP at home? VoIP phone systems tend to be more cost effective compared to landlines, and they offer a rich range of call features.

VoIP lets you make voice calls using your internet connection instead of traditional landlines. Switching to VoIP offers numerous advantages, including ease of use, abundance of features, and mobility.

1. Save money

Low setup costs and competitive ongoing rates make VoIP an attractive option. Call rates tend to be cheaper for VoIP systems. Instead of paying for your monthly line rental, you can sign up for a flat monthly fee or pay as you go with lower per-call rates.

VoIP packages usually offer cheap international call rates, so if you make a lot of international calls – another reason to make the switch! Call rates could be a fraction of standard call rates. If you bundle your internet service with your VoIP account, you could end up saving even more.

2. Access extra features

The abundance of extra features is a compelling reason to switch to VoIP at home. Caller ID, voicemail, text to speech, and extra numbers are some common features of VoIP phone systems. You can also access features like call blocking, call routing and forwarding, and instant messaging. You can share files, images, and video during your call.

If you travel often, you can have your calls forwarded to your mobile.

3. Keep traditional call features

You won’t lose out on traditional call features when you switch to VoIP. Call hold, call transfer, and auto-attendant phone menus are widely available. VoIP offers everything landlines offer, so new users won’t need to worry about losing their favourite features.

4. User control interface

Depending on your VoIP system, you might have the option to manage your VoIP features with a user control interface. Your user control dashboard lets you take control of VoIP’s rich range of features. For example, you can log in to update call forwarding numbers, setup speed dial, and change blocked numbers.

5. Work from home

If you work from home regularly, VoIP can become a great work tool. Easy call management and a range of features can boost productivity. Your VoIP system can be integrated with software programs like email and CRM to allow you to work more effectively. You can collaborate with colleagues, join conference calls, and connect with customers and clients.

6. Multiple simultaneous calls

Traditional landlines allow only one call at a time. On a VoIP system, you can have it setup to support multiple calls on the same internet account. You can also conduct conference calls, video calls, and broadcast voice calls.

7. Inexpensive hardware and software

Basic VoIP systems don’t require expensive hardware and software. You can get started with only your computer and an internet connection.

To replace your landline phone set however, all you might need is a VoIP phone adaptor. The adaptor lets you plug your standard phone into your modem, and you can then make calls as you did before. More complex VoIP phones with in-built features are also cost effective.

8. Easy installation and maintenance

VoIP phone systems are easy to install and maintain. Maintenance is minimal, and installation won’t require special wiring by a technician. If your router is already set up, you might only need to add the VoIP phone adaptor to complete the installation. If your router supports VoIP, you might only need to plug in a compatible phone to get started.

9. Keep your number when you move

Portability is a huge advantage of switching to VoIP. Your VoIP number isn’t linked to your home or internet line, so you can easily take your number with you when you move. You don’t have to pay significant line activation or cancellation fees when moving. Depending on the type of VoIP system you have, you might even be able to take your number with you if you’re going away for a short trip.

10. Add new numbers and users with ease

VoIP systems let you scale up and down easily. This can be useful if, for instance, you share your house with extended family members or housemates and everyone wants a private line. You can add additional lines and remove them according to demand, without incurring large line activation and cancellation fees.

11. Take advantage of reliable internet

While once VoIP was seen as a less reliable call option, the quality of VoIP calls have improved dramatically. Stable, high-speed internet means VoIP connections are reliable and secure. Switching to VoIP at home lets you take advantage of a reliable internet connection while saving you money on monthly line rental costs.

Making the switch

VoIP is reliable, full-featured, and cost effective. Switching to VoIP offers numerous benefits, including cost savings and mobility. If you’re thinking about making the switch to VoIP, make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

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