Do you need a small business internet plan?

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If you’re running a small business, you probably use the internet to some extent. But are you taking advantage of all the opportunities that the internet offers? The internet not only allows you to sell products online, but it also can help you to grow your business and improve business operations.

What are the key benefits of using the internet?

Some of the most critical benefits that the internet offers small businesses include:

  • The marketing potential of having a website and being active on social media.
  • The networking opportunities from being part of a global community related to your profession.
  • The opportunity to communicate with your customers and clients through video conferencing.
  • The ability for your team to be mobile and work from anywhere, and the capacity to access talent from anywhere in the world.
  • The potential to work more efficiently by accessing internet-based tools for everything from accounting to customer management and inventory management.
  • The ability to offer customers a better experience through email lists and promotional features like loyalty rewards that can be tracked online.
  • The potential to understand your customer base better. Through data collection and analytics on the internet you can get a better feel for what your customers are interested in and their feedback.
  • Sell globally. Modern tools have made it easy to set up an online sales platform that’s accessible by consumers from all over the world.

What is a small business internet plan?

A small business internet plan, or small business nbn™ plan, is an internet plan that’s created specifically for use by small businesses, rather than in residential homes.

When looking for an nbn™ plan for your business, it can be tempting to simply sign up for the cheapest consumer or residential online plan you can find.

As appealing as that might be, and as good as consumer plans might sound with regards to the data and speeds they offer, it’s a much better idea to find an affordable small business nbn™ plan. A small business nbn™ plan might appear to offer the exact same speeds you can find with a consumer plan, but there are other features to these plans that help to protect an investment you’ll rely on more and more for your business.

Most importantly, a small business nbn™ plan will give you what’s called a static IP address. With the typical consumer internet connection, the IP address is dynamic, meaning it will change each time you log on to the internet. A static IP address will always remain the same, and this is important for running a business network, creating an email server, and other communications technologies.

Added features for small business nbn™ plans

One of the critical benefits of small business nbn™ plans is they also include a range of optional extras that allow businesses to more effectively leverage the internet.

For example, you need a modem to connect to the internet, and with Aussie Broadband plans you’ll have the option of getting a modem* that has been specifically selected to suit the needs of small businesses.

Another benefit of small business nbn™ plans is that you can bundle VoIP phone services into the plan. With the rollout of nbn™ technology, Australian businesses are being disconnected from existing phone lines after 18 months of nbn™ technology being made available to an area. Once that happens, the only way to make use of your landline is via VoIP. Aussie Broadband plans include the ability to make free local, national, and mobile calls (depending on the plan that you select), as well as the ability to bundle in virtual PBX and other enterprise telephony technology at a small business-friendly price.

In addition to the static IP address and telephone options mentioned above, customers of business nbn™ plans can also benefit from enhanced support. Business internet plans with Aussie Broadband offer Australian-based customer support, and prioritise fault resolution issues. Research shows that internet downtime costs small businesses anything between $8,580 and $74,000 per hour, so it’s important to have an ISP dedicated to minimising the risk of outages, and the length of time it takes to get issues resolved.

Finally, the nbn™ is incredibly easy to set up with Aussie Broadband, with no connection fees charged.

Invest in a small business nbn™ plan

With a widely dispersed and small population, Australian businesses benefit from the reach that the internet offers. And with Australian goods and services in great demand all over the world, having the ability to reach an international community has helped many local businesses grow rapidly.

Are you interested in organising an internet plan for your small business? Talk to the friendly team at Aussie Broadband today to find out how you can become connected to the internet through Australia’s 5th largest broadband provider!