Find out how your business can take advantage of the nbn™ fibre expansion

February 3rd, 2021 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Heidi Kraak

If Australian businesses can take anything away from 2020, it would be that access to fast and reliable connectivity is vital to survival.

A year ago, connectivity was certainly important. However, reliance on internet services was taken to a new level last year as lockdowns forced the deployment of a remote workforce on a global scale – you can’t work from home if you don’t have decent internet access!

Add the steady rise of bandwidth-intensive business activities to the mix, such as e-commerce and telehealth, and you’ll begin to grasp the gravity of our dependence on connectivity.

That’s why NBN Co’s $700 billion fibre rollout package is a big deal for businesses – particularly businesses in regional areas. Under the package, 9 out of 10 businesses can access a $0 fibre upgrade* to their business premises if they sign up to a 36-month nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet plan.

Here’s why your business should take advantage of all the fibre rollout has to offer:

1 – Save thousands of dollars

The centrepiece of the package for businesses is the option to access a $0 fibre upgrade. Available to 90 percent of businesses across the country, the offer lets businesses bypass significant infrastructure installation costs.

Previously, many businesses located outside metropolitan areas were barred from accessing fibre connectivity due to these fees. While there is no set price for a fibre upgrade – costs generally depend on the complexity of the build – they can often set businesses back thousands of dollars.

Save the overhead costs of installing fibre to your business premises with a $0 fibre upgrade that will deliver connectivity you can count on.

2 – Future-proof your business with nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet

Nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet provides ultrafast and reliable connectivity that businesses can depend on. As the migration of everyday business activities to the digital space escalates, so too will the need for businesses to access internet services that can handle bandwidth-intensive activities.

A survey commissioned by NBN Co investigating internet usage habits before and during lockdowns across the country found that 73% of respondents working from home are now making video calls with colleagues – a bandwidth-intensive activity.

However, it’s not just businesses with staff working from home in ‘office-style’ jobs that need access to fast and reliable connectivity. The survey found that one in two respondents working from home were also keeping fit with the support of online exercise classes. Additionally, the survey found almost half of respondents who had visited their GP did so virtually via telehealth services, with almost two thirds saying they would continue using telehealth services.

These figures show that businesses of all kinds – from healthcare providers to gyms – need to equip themselves with quality connectivity to remain relevant in an increasingly digitised economy. A fibre connection to your business premises can ensure that you have access to the fastest speeds and most reliable fixed-line services available on the nbn™ network.

3 – Regional boost – compete with metro businesses

Fibre upgrades will level the playing field for regional businesses, giving them access to the same network speeds and reliability as their metropolitan counterparts.

Regional businesses that take advantage of the $0 fibre upgrade opportunity can boost their competitiveness in the digital economy as they can make better use of a raft of bandwidth-intensive programs and activities, such as cloud tools and videoconferencing, without the stress of disruptions.

The rise of work-from-home employment arrangements means regional businesses may be more likely to attract staff with advanced or specialised skill sets into the future. The removal of geographic constraints expands the talent pool – businesses can select the best candidate located anywhere in the world, rather than the best candidate available in a particular geographic area. However, reliable connectivity underpins all of this – for regional businesses to make these kinds of flexible workplace arrangements effective, they need access to internet services that can handle bandwidth-intensive activities. Nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet can facilitate these flexible working arrangements with ease.

Find out if you’re eligible for a $0 fibre upgrade with our address checker

With 90 percent of businesses across the country able to access to the $0 fibre install, it’s more than likely your business is eligible.

Find out in a matter of minutes with our new address checker below, and you could be on your way to faster and more reliable connectivity for your business.

If you would prefer not to be called by us but would like to check your address, we recommend visiting our nbn™ rollout map.

*$0 fibre install available in select areas with our nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet service on a 36-month contract.