HFC Freeze Lifted: Will it affect you?

August 8th, 2018 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. AussieBB

HFC Installations Resume

The good news is that the NBN’s freeze on hooking up customers via HFC (cable) technology now appears to be over, with the re-release of “held” addresses underway.

NBN Co did extensive remediation works during its temporary suspension to ensure much better performance and stability for all HFC customers into the future.

How will this affect me?

NBN Co has confirmed that it its goal is a ramp to releasing 100,000 new premises a month on the HFC network by the end of September.

This should mean that the nbn™ connections are back on schedule and that Aussie Broadband customers with a held HFC order should see some action soon.

We’ll be in touch with customers once we have more information.

What about my speed?

Speed is undoubtedly the top concern for all customers, and HFC speeds originally weren’t without issues. To solve this, NBN Co sought out international experts in North America, Korea, and Europe to bring global ideas to the HFC technology. These locations have all successfully instituted coaxial cable internet connections.

Under the collaboration, NBN Co learned how to successfully and smoothly upgrade the software technology to the new, faster DOCSIS 3.1 and a roadmap to Full Duplex DOCSIS wherever needed.

This might sound complicated, but basically this will increase the speed of the HFC network to the same levels as a fibre to the premises connection.

NBN Co says it will start with the downstream speeds first before making improvements to the upstream speeds. This advancement requires a simple, minor adjustment and it will be applied to both new and existing customers, allowing everyone to enjoy fast speeds.

Fault rates see a dramatic decrease.

The average rate for new faulty services has dropped by more than 60% compared to previous figures. NBN Co is now confident that it can provide a substantially better experience for all HFC customers.

That’s good news for our “held” customers and any customers who will be connected to the nbn via HFC in the future. To view more information on your connection, please visit our POI check.