Is Your Internet at Risk of Being Cut Off?

May 9th, 2017 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. AussieBB

Aussie homes and businesses across the country could potentially lose both phone and internet access this year if they don’t switch to the National Broadband Network soon, as the 18 month cut off looms for residents in areas first touched by the nbn™.

Though the high speed fibre optic network now reaches 3.5 million homes and businesses, only 44% have made the switch. With regulations in place to turn off copper wire services in these areas, customers have only 18 months to change to the mixed technology nbn™ . Up to 350,000 people are at risk of having no service by the end of the year.

Despite plenty of media coverage, the nbn™ is still not fully understood by many Australians. Telco editor for Alex Kidman says that it’s not surprising many still don’t know about the nbn™ :

“The nbn™ is still a foreign concept for many Australians because, relatively speaking, so few people have access.”

Despite this, thousands of Australians are at risk of hitting that 18 month deadline, says Kidman:

“There’s no two ways about it, if you’re living or working in a premises that is declared nbn™ – ready then you have 18 months to subscribe to an nbn™ plan. Otherwise your phone line and internet will be disconnected, which could be a disaster if you’re running a business.”

Here’s what you need to know:

The nbn™ will play a part in the lives of every Australian eventually, so get the facts and be prepared to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible. Here’s a quick run-down on some common questions and misunderstandings when it comes to nbn™ . Don’t see your question here? Visit our full FAQ page here.

Do I have to sign up for the nbn™ ?

When the National Broadband Network rollout hits your neck of the woods, you will have to chose a provider and switch to the high speed network within 18 months.

The nbn™ is only a wholesale broadband provider. As a customer, you’re free to choose from a wide range of services from familiar providers. The National Broadband Network sells its service to the providers (like us) who then manage the pricing and setup of your account. Because the nbn™ is built as a single network, it is ultimately faster and more reliable than the traditional copper wire network.

Will I be able to access services like Foxtel, Stan and Netflix?

Foxtel’s Pay TV service will still be available via Telstra Cable. Services like Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Play and Foxtel Go are all accessed over the internet. They’re available on existing copper networks and will be available on nbn™ as well.

What other services can I access from the nbn™ ?

The nbn™ provides better quality internet access. For folks who are currently unable to stream video, play online gaming or download large files, those days are over. You should be able to do all these things and more once your nbn™ service is set up. The nbn™ also uses HFC and Copper cables for the majority of the network.

Which areas will be affected by the cutoff?

According to LifeHacker, there are 447 suburbs across Australia that will reach the 18 month ‘cut off’ point in the first half of 2017. This is estimated to affect 348,627 homes and businesses. The most affected states are New South Wales (102,885), Victoria (71,266) and Queensland (53,966).

Should I enter a new ADSL contract in the meantime?

Check your nbn™ status before signing up to a new long term contract. If you’re considering a 24 month contract on ADSL but the nbn™ will be in your area soon, you might find yourself trapped paying for copper wire internet while the rest of your street switches to nbn™ .

Will nbn™ be faster than my existing internet?

The answer to this question is, almost certainly, yes! While the nbn™ infrastructure has been scaled back from the original fibre to the premise (FTTP) to fibre to the node (FTTN) in most areas, the internet will still be significantly faster that what is available under current DSL modes of service.

Don’t get caught out

Netflix, gaming consoles, WiFi – the internet is such an indispensable part of every Australian household that even being caught without for a few days could cause massive inconvenience. Understanding the nbn™ and knowing when it will impact you will ensure you are ready for the change and aren’t get caught without internet.