Leading pre-employment with Learn Locals

January 31st, 2020.

Aussie & Learn Local

Aussie Broadband is a small, rapidly growing internet service provider – with a reputation for providing high-quality internet and transparent customer service. The company has an all-Australian based support team and doesn’t need to go offshore.

Company growth has seen Lynbrook become home to the company’s second major call centre location, joining its head office location in Morwell.

Aussie Broadband General Manager of Corporate Affairs, Janet Granger-Wilcox said the company is looking forward to building a larger presence in Lynbrook.

“We’ve grown from 60 to close to 300 staff in 3 years, and we’re adding around 10,000 new customers a month,” she said. “We expect the Lynbrook office to bring 150 jobs to the area including customer support roles, communications and HR.”

In order to help attract local staff, Aussie Broadband has partnered with Learn Local organisations to create and deliver customised pre-employment training that matches its recruitment timelines. So far, Aussie Broadband has employed 19 people through the pre-employment training with the majority being employed across their sites in SE Victoria.

Learn Local organisations offer a range of education and training programs to help learners gain some new skills and help them find employment.

City of Casey Major Cr Susan Serey has praised Aussie Broadband for participating in pre-employment courses with Learn Local organisations and encouraged other businesses to do the same.

Cr Susan Serey said that companies who partnered with Learn Local could save time and money.

“When I heard about this program with Aussie Broadband and Hallam Community Learning Centre (a Learn Local organisation), I felt this is a wonderful way to help local people get local jobs. But it’s also good for other local businesses too,” she said.

“I think that by working with a Learn Local organisation, companies could save money in training budgets,” Cr Serey said.

“Everybody benefits from such a partnership, including residents who have more options to learn closer to home,” she said.

Cr Serey also stressed the benefits of working closer to home.

“If you work local you’ve got more time to go to the gym, more time to prepare meals properly, more time to spend with your children. This is time that most people spend on the road, every day, which is not good for our health,” Cr Serey said.

Aussie Broadband echoes this. “We believe it’s better to have jobs out where people are living. So many people have long commutes, but many people would prefer working somewhere that’s close to home,” said Janet.

Hallam Community Learn Local board member, Tania Sacco said the courses are a very tangible pathway between education and employment.

“The pre-employment courses are great because they’re cheaper, shorter and a friendlier environment for the students to learn in. The course can also be tailored to suit not just call centres, but other organisations too,” Tania said.

Working with the Learn Local organisations, the Adult Community and Further Education Board (ACFE) has developed the program, so it can be customised for any industry.

Maria Peters, Chair of the ACFE Board said, they’re pleased to see Learn Local organisations working with local businesses.

“Hallam Community Learning Centre is delivering training designed to meet the needs of organisations like Aussie Broadband. It’s great to see this resulting in jobs for people in the City of Casey.”


MEDIA PLEASE NOTE: For enquiries please contact Katrina Salhioui on 0448 110 962.

Pictured above: Tania Sacco (Hallam Community Learn Local board member), Amanda Wright (Hallam Community Learn Local Trainer), Catherine White (Aussie Broadband People and Culture Officer), Denise Chalmers (Aussie Broadband Lynbrook Customer Service Site Manager), Kevin Salerno (Aussie Broadband General Manager Customer Service), and Janet Granger-Wilcox (Aussie Broadband General Manager Corporate Affairs).