Top 5 tips to ensure a smooth transition to the nbn™ for your business

October 9th, 2018 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Andy Cameron

The nbn™ has been on everyone’s mind for years now. We’ve all heard the horror stories and problems encountered during the transition of legacy services such as ADSL, PSTN Fixed Lines, fax and eftpos to the nbn™. However, like all stories, the retelling has blurred the lines between fact and fiction.

I’m here to provide you with the facts from my perspective, as a telecommunications account manager, regarding what you need to do to ensure a smooth transition to the nbn™ for your business.

Switching to nbn™ business internet

The safest way to transition to business nbn™ on a current ADSL service is to install a new line ($270.00 exc. GST) which will run parallel to your current service. This protects your business by providing nonstop coverage during the nbn™ activation. Those who decide to take a risk and not implement this can experience lengthy downtime should the activation encounter any problems. This downtime can last days or weeks before remediation works are completed by the nbn™. We’ve even heard from other clients that haven’t had internet for over 6 weeks.

Of course, once the new nbn™ service is running, you can cancel your old ADSL service.

PSTN fixed lines & do I need a new phone system?

There are a couple of options regarding your Fixed Lines & phone system.  Phone numbers associated with your PSTN (public switched telephone network) lines will need to be ported prior to the copper disconnection date (which is about 18 months after nbn™ goes live in your area). The calls to your designated phone numbers can then be delivered to your phone system via a SIP Trunk. A SIP Trunk delivers calls to and from the public telephone network over the nbn™. Additionally, you can add as many lines as you require.

Previously, other providers informed business owners that their current phone system can’t be used in an nbn™ world. This honestly isn’t the case for most clients.  Instead, an easy option is to install an ATA. An ATA (Analogue Telephone Adaptor) converts a digital telephone line to an analogue telephone line without the need to purchase a whole new system.

However, if you’re looking to update an old phone system with enhanced functionality, then a Hosted PABX may be the perfect option. The hosted PABX is a state of art phone system that can be programmed to deliver the additional features that your business requires.

Will my fax line work?

Fax lines will also need to be ported over to the nbn™. The options are either a digital solution (FaxToEmail, etc) or an ATA which connects to your current fax machine.

How will my eftpos machine be impacted?

Before making the switch to nbn™ business, you will need to update any eftpos machines. There are two options available for this, with the first being an eftpos that plugs into an ethernet port on the router. The second option is one that works on the mobile phone network.

It’s best to contact your eftpos provider prior to transferring any services to the nbn™ to ensure a smooth transition. It’s also strongly advised to look into a backup solution for key systems, and put this solution in place before the change to help minimise the impact of unscheduled outage events.

What about my security system?

For back to base security that uses a PSTN line, please speak to your security company about any options for running your company’s security system on the nbn™.

Most providers will not take the time to separate fact from fiction to give you the best solutions. At Aussie Broadband, we genuinely want to ensure you have a smooth, successful transition to the nbn™ for your business. Contact our team of network specialists today and we will happily help guide you through the process.

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