MyAussie first major telco App to allow customers to ‘Kick’ their own service

September 30th, 2019.

It’s no ordinary app. MyAussie offers customers to the ability to “kick” their own connection. This basically restarts a service all the way through the network, rather than just at a modem level on premises. It’s a much more thorough version of “turn it off and then on again.” It’s one of the many

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AusNOG 2019

September 6th, 2019.

Last year, our Managing Director Phillip Britt attended AusNOG to speak about our goals and challenges for the coming fiscal year. This year, he went back, to talk about the results of last year and how this year is shaping up. Here's a quick overview of the topics covered: Domestic & International Peering

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Cloud computing and your internet connection

August 28th, 2019. Aaron O'Keeffe

Just about everyone – and every business – leverages the cloud in some form now. In fact, we’re getting very close to the cloud dominating everything that we do. By 2020, 83 per cent of all business operations will be done in the cloud. Meanwhile, at home, who still buys physical CDs, DVDs, and even games?

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Aussie Broadband accepts the ACMA ruling on information standard

August 6th, 2019. Melissa Phillips

ISP Aussie Broadband said today that it accepted the ACMA ruling on finding it breached compliance on the new Consumer Information Standard. Managing Director Phillip Britt said that the ACMA found 4 discrepancies with Aussie Broadband’s key fact sheets and associated information and the company had moved immediat

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What are the different nbn™ connection types?

August 5th, 2019. AussieBB

Most of Australia has now been connected to the nbn™. However the type of nbn™ technology you have been connected with will vary from area to area. While you won’t have a choice over which type of connection you have, as NBNCo makes that decision, it is nonetheless useful to know the various types of connecti

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