FTTP vs FTTN vs FTTC: Connections to the National Broadband Network explained

September 6th, 2018. AussieBB

If you’ve been looking for an nbn™ plan, you’ve probably already come across the terms ‘FTTN’, ‘FTTP’, and ‘FTTC’. So what’s the difference? They are all types of nbn™ connections, and they will all give you access to faster speeds. But there are some

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Into the future: AusNog 2018

August 31st, 2018. Phillip Britt

Aussie Broadband soared into the 5th largest telco spot this year with phenomenal success. It’s hard to believe that two years ago we were only connected to 12 POI’s with 10,000 nbn subscribers. Now, our network extends to all 121 POI’s with 72,000 nbn services. Our predicted growth is set to ascend even higher i

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Aussie Broadband plans update August 2018

August 30th, 2018. Phillip Britt

We're pleased to advise a number of plan changes which have become effective today (30/08/2018). Fixed Wireless Pricing Different FW pricing was introduced back in May because nbn introduced discounts for fixed line customers that didn’t apply to FW customers. As we were paying more for FW services we needed to c

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Why Australian schools need enterprise-level internet

August 23rd, 2018. Aaron O'Keeffe

Schools are embracing technology in a big way. Today, students are expected to do most of their work on laptops, while the internet has facilitated educational outcomes well beyond what was achieved in the past. At the same time, this has affected the way schools approach technology infrastructure within their

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The birth of the no bullsh*t customer service policy

August 21st, 2018. AussieBB

"The feedback that we constantly receive from customers is that they really appreciate our down-to-earth approach. We love the feedback, and we also find it sad that this is now actually worthy of comment - that customers find this approach so unusual they need to tell us about it. The response to this one simple aspec

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