The complete home office checklist

October 25th, 2017. AussieBB

Working from home can be a great way to beat the commute, save time, and enjoy work-life balance. Whether you’re self-employed or telecommute a couple of days a week, you’ll want your home office to be comfortable and supportive of productivity. This checklist for everything you need will come in handy if you

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What’s missing from the nbn discussion?

October 24th, 2017. AussieBB

Since this article has been written there has been a significant change to the nbn landscape,we believe it is now viable to offer an unlimited service, where CVC bandwidth is provisioned correctly. You can read more about our stance on unlimited in this blog I won’t be the only one putting pen to paper after las

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Here’s what to expect from the 5G mobile network

October 20th, 2017. AussieBB
Aussie Broadband - what to expect from the 5G mobile network

Remember when 4G first came along? Early adopters were clamouring for the super fast speeds it offered. We went from Facebook on our phones to, well… watching videos through Facebook on our phones. We’re now only three years from the next generation in cellular technology, so here’s what to expect from the te

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How to protect business data when using shared Wi-Fi

October 9th, 2017. AussieBB

Any individual or business, no matter size or industry, is at risk of targeting by cyberattacks. And using a public or shared Wi-Fi network can heighten the risks if the security measures taken are not good enough. Whether you’re a business owner, work in a coworking space that provides Wi-Fi or access public Wi-

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What’s the difference between IMAP and POP for email?

October 9th, 2017. AussieBB
Aussie Broadband - difference between IMAP and POP

Email has grown to become one of the most prevalent forms of communication we have, both for personal and business use. While it’s relatively simple to understand and use (that’s why it’s so popular), there are some terms in email lingo that can be confusing – such as what the difference between POP and IMA

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