Why the Internet has So Much Importance in Everyday Life

October 16th, 2016. AussieBB

The internet has been described as the ‘decisive technology’ of our century, but how important is it truly in people’s minds? A survey by a UK broadband provider TP-Link has suggested that some people think the internet ranks above shelter, food and sleep in its importance in their lives. Another survey found

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14 Bizarre and Interesting Products Made Possible By the Internet of Things

October 9th, 2016. John R

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already started to change the way consumers shop, the type of goods available and how companies do business. With its innovation, the IoT has brought a tide of creative and unconventional products, some which are more useful than others. For example, products that support people’s

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15 Best Online Educational Games for Kids

October 3rd, 2016. John R

Games are a wonderful, effective way to engage children’s brains and support them in developing new skills and learning about the world – without the sense that they are doing homework. There are thousands of free children’s games online that support learning, memory, or some form of cognitive development, so

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8 Tips for Transforming Your Small Business into a Successful Global One

September 25th, 2016. Aaron O'Keeffe

The idea of taking your small business and turning it into a successful global enterprise can seem exciting, yet a remote possibility. However, with the degree of connectedness, integration of global communications, and tools that could allow you to scale quickly, this dream can be realised – if you plan it caref

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NASA to Set Up Solar System Wide Internet Connection

September 17th, 2016. AussieBB

US space agency NASA has taken the first step towards setting up a Solar System-wide Internet connection with the completion of its Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking (DTN) service on the International Space Station (ISS). While the technology and the DTN on the ISS will have benefits for Earth, especially during

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