Telepresence Cost Saving

April 12th, 2012 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Aaron O'Keeffe


I was thinking to myself this morning about how I can try to show my existing and potential customers the potential cost savings that can be made with the use of Telepresence and it made me think about my own company travelling which I used to do quite a bit of. I put a quick spread sheet together listing my travel and accommodation expenses and I was quite surprised by the figures. I used to travel to our Adelaide office once per month and spend a week there and I used to travel to our Morwell office once every two months and spend a week there. When I added up the travel and accommodation expenses over a year the figure came to about $13,788.00 which is more than the cost of one of our dual screen high definition Cisco Telepresence end points and this is only based on my travelling alone. Since we setup our Telepresence service I haven’t needed to travel to either office. So we have had our telepresence end point in our Warrnambool office where I am located for over a year now which means that we are essentially saving $13,788.00 per year on my travelling alone let alone anybody else within Aussie Broadband that doesn’t need to travel anymore.

And apart from all of the cost savings, I can have shorter more regular and more meaningful meetings with my team. The productivity of my team has increased since the introduction of Telepresence and I don’t need to spend days at a time away from my family in other states of Australia.

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