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If your organisation is currently looking at switching to enterprise nbn or you just want to stay abreast of all the latest news regarding the rollout of the national broadband network, this guide to the best nbn™-related sites contains some links that you’ll definitely want to add to your favourites list.


Where better to learn about the latest enterprise level nbn™ matters than straight from the horse’s mouth? The official nbn co website contains everything you need to know about our national broadband network, from the various types of nbn™ access technologies to device compatibility and how to choose the right connection speed. You’ll also find all the latest news and blog articles on everything nbn™ related.

Communications Government site

This website is run by the federal government’s Department of Communications & the Arts, with the stated aim of making ‘digital technologies, communications services and cultural experiences better for everyone’. Their National Broadband Network pagecovers everything that residential and enterprise nbn™ users need to know, including preparing for a nbn™ connection, getting connected and getting help and support when you need it.


WhistleOut is a popular comparison site that helps individuals and businesses to find and compare the best mobile, broadband and pay tv providers and services. Their Broadband Articles cover a wide range of subjects including nbn™ related topics such as how to get faster nbn™ connection speeds, and Australia’s best wireless nbn™ plans – a list that is updated every month.


Primarily a discussion forum, Whirlpool also carries the latest Australian Broadband News. Many stories feature the nbn™, including the development of new gigabit-capable DPU’s for Fibre To The Curb (FTTC) connections, the ongoing beautification of nbn™ node cabinets, the latest news on the nbn™ rollout in regional Australia and the latest movers and shakers in the world of nbn™ service providers.

IT News

This award-winning news site provides up to the minute technology news, analysis and opinion tailored for Australian CIOs, IT managers and IT professionals. The IT News NBN page has all the latest nbn™ related news, from the government’s encouragement of nbn co to improve its satellite services to nbn co’s plan to cull 200 network operations roles. The IT News website is also a hub for tech enthusiasts to discuss issues that interest them via feedback and forums. – nbn™

Owned by News Corp Australia, is Australia’s number one news site, bringing news and national interest stories to almost 10 million Australians every day and covering every topic including entertainment, travel, lifestyle, sport, business, technology, money and real estate. Their nbn™ news doesn’t pull any punches, reporting everything including issues.

Sydney Morning Herald – nbn™

The Sydney Morning Herald is published by Fairfax Media, and is a well known and well respected national online news brand. Their nbn™ page includes all the latest nbn™ business news from the call for more women in telecommunications managerial roles by nbn co executive Kathrine Dyer to the possible threat that 5G networks may pose to the nbn™ in the future.

Gizmodo – nbn™ news

Gizmodo is a popular site that covers science and entertainment news in Australia, along with all the best posts from their United States and United Kingdom editions. Their nbn™ news includes a range of stories from various sources including Lifehacker and Business Insider, covering everything from the launch of nbn co’s super fast Enterprise Ethernet to Australia’s best nbn™ service providers.

Aussie Broadband

Aussie Broadband is an Australian operated internet service provider, offering fast broadband and phone services to its residential and business customers. It is also the partner of Wideband, servicing the residential and small business sector.

The Aussie Broadband Blog provides actionable insights into internet and telecommunications news and technology through their content. nbn™ related topics vary from how to change your security system over to the nbn™ and how to switch providers to how to test and improve your internet speed.

Finder – nbn™

Australia’s largest comparison site, helps people to compare and assess a range of different products and services from insurance and loans to credit cards and internet plans. As well as all the latest nbn™ news for business and individuals, their site includes links to a variety of nbn™ related information on the ongoing rollout, recent activations and controversy over slow nbn™ speeds.

Aussie Broadband Enterprise

Aussie Broadband Enterprise is Australia’s 100% Australian-operated enterprise and government telecommunications provider. Our blog covers a variety of Enterprise nbn™ related information including everything from a comparison between MPLS and SD-WAN to the difference between ethernet over fibre and ethernet over copper for a business nbn™ connection.

If you’re planning to make the switch to enterprise level nbn™, Aussie Broadband has a range of telecommunication services that can be customised to exactly fit your organisation’s needs.

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*Actual wholesale speeds capped at 952 Mbps as prescribed by nbndue to equipment and network limitations. Actual throughput speeds may vary due to many factors including the performance of network equipment not operated by Aussie Broadband. Terms and conditions apply.

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