Traditional Phone System or Hosted PBX?

June 7th, 2011 - Get new posts sent straight to your inbox, click here. Aaron O'Keeffe


If you are looking for value for money and you don’t look at the option of utilising a hosted PBX phone system for your business, you probably won’t get value for money.

Hosted PBX systems take away the need to have the physical hardware associated with traditional phone systems onsite – you know, that box that is screwed to the wall behind your waiting room door or in a cupboard in your lunch room.

Not needing this hardware not only saves you upfront capital costs but also saves you money on phone line rental and call costs. This is especially true if you have multiple offices.

So instead of the phone system sitting at your premises, it sits in a secure data centre and your phone calls are made over a private IP connection (that’s the way we do it anyway – other companies may use an internet connection which is not secure and can cause voice quality issues).

So all you have to purchase is telephone handsets and a switch with power-over-ethernet capabilities. The rest is covered by a monthly service fee which varies depending on how many lines you have (external concurrent calls), how many extensions and other factors like call reporting options.

If you have a business of any size and need a new telephone system or are looking at opening a new business, I would strongly recommend getting a quote on a hosted PBX phone system.

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