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As the nbn™ continues to roll out across the nation, more and more service providers are able to offer fast broadband connectivity to their business customers. But not all providers are equipped with the kind of infrastructure and support that large organisations need along with their enterprise nbn™ connectivity.

This guide looks at what it takes to be an enterprise nbn™ service provider, and to not only deliver enterprise grade internet, but to ensure that nbn™ business customers get the greatest possible benefit from their service.


As a wholesaler, nbn co values its retail service providers, who deliver its enterprise products to business. Some of the ways in which it provides them with help and support include:

The latest technology

Enterprise providers are given access to new technologies before anyone else. A good example is nbn co’s latest offering for business known as nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet.

Released in 2018, this cutting edge internet is delivered via fibre optic cable and offers symmetrical plans up to nbn™ 1000/1000. And enterprise providers are able to offer it not only to new customers, but also as an attractive upgrade for existing customers who currently have a slower fixed line connection.

NBN Co is also currently in the process of refining its Fibre To The Curb offering, developing new gigabit-capable* Distribution Point Units (DPUs) that will allow NBN Co approved nbn™ service providers to offer super fast FTTC to many more customers.

Greater collaboration

NBN Co is also putting more boots on the ground to help service providers migrate their enterprise clients to business nbn™ with the appointment of new enterprise engagement teams and technicians.

These teams will help to ensure a smoother transition by simplifying otherwise highly complex multi-site migrations and the moving of special services such as Ethernet Lite and ISDN to the nbn™.

NBN Co is also introducing nbn™ training and accreditation for nbn™ service providers to help them deliver a higher level of support to their enterprise nbn™ customers.

Better pricing

In order to assist enterprise providers in offering more competitive prices to their business customers, NBN Co is also reducing some of its wholesale monthly charges.

The amount will vary according to the amount of bandwidth purchased by service providers each month, with the higher speed tiers expected to deliver the greatest reduction in costs.

The changes involve bundling access and bandwidth charges for higher speed plans under a simpler wholesale pricing structure. These charges were previously part of a two-part pricing wholesale model that had led to some providers under-provisioning bandwidth.

Enterprise nbn™ providers

So what does it mean to be an enterprise nbn™ provider and what separates the good ones from those simply selling internet?

As an NBN Co approved nbn™ service provider specialising in enterprise solutions, at Aussie Broadband we think we’re more qualified than most to answer that question. We’re not a big telco by any means, but we’re able to offer fully tailored solutions to our enterprise customers.

Large organisations require a high level of support, and at Aussie Broadband we can provide that with our extensive backbone network connecting Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Darwin, and delivering up 10Gbps plans** or more capacity that enterprise can leverage to their advantage.

We also own our own infrastructure in parts of regional Australia, allowing us to deliver innovative high bandwidth wireless and microwave solutions to remote locations.

And a Tier 3 data centre space in each state capital means we can supply the cloud and communication needs of even the largest enterprises.

Aussie Broadband’s Enterprise Internet offering includes;

  • A choice of speeds – from 25/5 to a super fast 250/100.
  • 1:1 contention ratio – full connection speed for every user.
  • Unlimited data – no speed shaping or download quotas.
  • IPv4 and IPv6 support – support for both old and new protocols.
  • BGP routing – allows for easy management.
  • Customer access console – for easy monitoring and configurations.
  • Core network protection – provides higher redundancy on selected services.
  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime – keeping your enterprise connected.

We also offer a range of other services to rival any large telco, including:

At Aussie Broadband, we support what we sell with a local team of expert technical specialists. No overseas call centres. Our local Australian engineers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for advice and support at no cost to our customers.

We also offer something not being offered by any other telco … an exclusive 6 month money back satisfaction guarantee on services above $1,000 per month.

If you’re an organisation looking for high speed, resilient enterprise connectivity backed by 24/7 local service and support, contact us at Aussie Broadband to request a consultation and discuss your needs.

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*Actual wholesale speeds capped at 952 Mbps as prescribed by nbn due to equipment and network limitations. Actual throughput speeds may vary due to many factors including the performance of network equipment not operated by Aussie Broadband. Terms and conditions apply.

**Actual throughput speeds may vary due to hardware or other equipment not operated by Aussie Broadband.

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