Why bundling your telco services makes sense

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Aussie Broadband - bundling your telco

In the early days, your internet connection was a separate monthly bill. You’d connect to the internet over your telephone line, and most people had separate phone and internet providers.

Today it is very different. It has become more common to bundle services and internet together. For example, with the rollout of the nbn™ most households no longer even have access to a dedicated phone line. The landline and internet line are the same. And with the role of the landline in the home evolving to a secondary connection to the mobile phone, it makes more sense than ever to bundle the two together. This way, you can make affordable calls and benefit from other features such as three-way chat.

How you can benefit from a bundled phone and internet connection

The temptation following the nbn™ rollout can be to do away with the fixed line phone connection entirely. Most Australians now rely on mobile phones. The idea of paying a separate bill for a landline can seem excessive.

But if the landline were to be bundled up with a broadband package, the overall package can make much more sense. There are a number of benefits that the fixed line phone can offer that make it the superior choice when at home.

Very affordable calls

Because fixed line connections are now delivered over VOIP (the internet), it means that they can be offered at very low cost. Aussie Broadband’s bundled phone and broadband package, for example allows for free local calls, free national (STD) calls and free calls to mobiles within Australia. This is all covered through the cost of the data itself. Even international calls are charged at a nominal rate of just 5c per minute above the cost of the plan.

Fixed line benefits

Fixed lines offer a range of other benefits that really help the household, too. You can add another line to manage a fax machine if that’s still valuable to your home. Voicemail can be included too, as well as call number display and silent number features.

For free, your fixed line will also provide three-way chat capabilities, call waiting, call back and call forwarding features – all essential features for ensuring that you’re able to keep in touch with friends, family and work colleagues on your own terms.

Great overall cost

There might be the perception that a bundled package costs a lot upfront, but the entry-level phone and broadband bundle with Aussie Broadband is set at just $55 per month. If you’re looking to stream high-definition movies, use the internet for your home office, or even play games online, Aussie Broadband have an unlimited data bundle with the phone for just $99 per month.

Find out more about our residential telco bundle services here .

How small businesses benefit from the phone/ broadband bundle

Small businesses still need to have a fixed line. When a customer calls a small business, there is a perception of legitimacy that comes with dialling a fixed line or 1300 numbers. You don’t always get this when using a mobile phone for your business, however that can depend on your service.

Business have different needs to home users. They need dedicated lines and handsets for each user in the organisation, and fast support if something should go wrong. For that reason, a good bundle should include hardware and support, as well as internet data and phone lines.

In addition to the provision of business-grade handsets, the Aussie Broadband small business plans include company voice mail, a night switch and on-hold music, and seven day support from local service technicians. The plans start from just $195/month for a small business with three handsets. This package is provided in collaboration with Polycom, one of the real leaders in the business telephony hardware space, to guarantee the reliability and feature-sets of the handsets.

And just like with home users, the bundle – existing on the nbn™ – allows for VOIP communications, and keeps the cost of calls to a minimum. Even 1300 and 13 numbers are capped at just 40c for an unlimited length of time.

Find out more about our small business telco bundle services here .
Because of the nbn™ and fast broadband, it’s now possible to host services such as your phone line on the internet without having to worry about the impact that will have on other people using the internet at your home or office.

Aussie Broadband plans offer fast internet, that can be split across voice, browsing, video streaming, and other uses of the internet, meaning that bundling a phone service into the solution is seamless. And as we’ve been listed the #1 for average download speeds of the internet providers tested by the ACCC in July 2018, you know that when you make the switch to Aussie Broadband you’ll receive a great service.

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