The DSL service to get when you just want the internet

Many small businesses these days are using smartphones for all of their communication needs, and VoIP phones for when they want to make calls from a ‘desk’ phone.

So why pay extra for a traditional phone service if you’re not going to use it? That’s why Naked DSL is great – it gives you all the benefits of fast ADSL broadband, without the extra cost.


Is it any different to normal ADSL?

From an internet perspective, no. Aussie Broadband Naked DSL simply uses your existing phone line to your property just as a normal ADSL service would. Except it’s not connected to a phone service at the local exchange, only to an ADSL service.


Depending on your location, you could get either ADSL or ADSL2+

Our Naked DSL services come in two different types, depending on the infrastructure in your area:

  • Traditional ADSL

    Operating at up to 8Mb/s, our standard ADSL service connects your home with a great broadband service available nearly everywhere.

  • ADSL2+

    This second generation DSL service runs at up to 20Mb/s or three times faster than normal ADSL.

Whilst not everyone might get the maximum speeds, we’ll do whatever we can to make sure yours is as fast as possible.

Choose from one of our great value business plans

Naked DSL comes in a wide range of data and pricing bundles to suit the needs of every user:

  • Plans & Pricing
Speed Included Data Shaping Monthly Price
ADSL2+ or 8Mbits 20 GB 256Kbps $60.00 /mth
ADSL2+ or 8Mbits 100 GB 256Kbps $70.00 /mth
ADSL2+ or 8Mbits 200 GB 256Kbps $80.00 /mth
ADSL2+ or 8Mbits 500 GB 256Kbps $100.00 /mth
ADSL2+ or 8Mbits 1000 GB 256Kbps $120.00 /mth
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Add a VoIP phone service for an extra $10 per month to any Naked DSL plan including local and national calls.

Please note, Naked DSL is not available in all areas – we’ll let you know and recommend alternatives when you get a free quote.


All plans come with great features and inclusions:

  • Super-fast connectivity

  • Always on – so you can instantly use the internet whenever you like

  • 7 day per week support from local service technicians

  • FREE Static IP Address (a single IP that doesn’t change)

  • Annex M compatible for faster upload speeds

  • FREE Email virus and spam protection

Plus, you’ll receive FREE installation on a 24 month contract.

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Harris and Wood Real Estate

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