A group mobile plan that’s great value for your business

Your team needs access to a mobile phone so that both you and your clients can keep in touch with them wherever they go. This means you need a group phone plan that’s easy to manage and control while providing great value to your business.

At Aussie Broadband, our ‘SIM Only’ mobile phone service gives you a range of group call plans that are cost effective and perfect for the growing enterprise.


How does it work?

We’ve made it pretty simple – you buy the required number of SIM cards that you need for your team, choose a Shared Call Plan and away you go.
We’ll arrange for any existing mobile numbers to be transferred across to the new service – all you need to do is supply the mobile handsets to put the SIM cards into.

  • Access Plans
  • Shared Call Plan
  • Call Rates
Minimum Spend Per User $10 /mth $15 /mth $25 /mth $35 /mth
Included Data 500 MB 800 MB 1.5 GB 3.0 GB
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  Small Medium Large Extra Large
Minimum Monthly Spend $100 /mth $300 /mth $500 /mth $1000 /mth
Included Value $100 /mth $300 /mth $500 /mth $1000 /mth
Included Call Types Standard Calls +
Standard SMS/MMS +
Voicemail Retrievals
Standard Calls +
Standard SMS/MMS +
Voicemail Retrievals
Standard Calls +
Standard SMS/MMS +
Voicemail Retrievals
Standard Calls +
Standard SMS/MMS +
Voicemail Retrievals
Call Rates
Billing Increment 30 Seconds 30 Seconds 30 Seconds 30 Seconds
Flagfall $0.20 $0.20 $0.20 $0.20
Australian Calls (per minute) $0.40 $0.35 $0.30 $0.25
SMS $0.18 $0.18 $0.18 $0.18
MMS $0.50 $0.50 $0.50 $0.50

Every plan has these great features and inclusions:

  • Local support, 7 days per week

  • Keep your existing number

  • Different SIM’s available for each type of phone

  • 60 second call charging with online call cost tracking


  • Generous mobile data to keep everyone connected with email and internet on the go

How we’ve helped businesses around Australia

Great Southern Credit Management

The Great Southern Credit Management (GSCM) group originally consisted of the following 3 individual businesses specialising in the provision of debt prevention, credit management and debt collection services: Provincial Credit Solutions (PCS) – based in Warrnambool, Victoria, and est. in 2001 Barwon Credit Management (BCM) – based in …

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Bairnsdale International

The Bairnsdale International is located in Eastern Victoria in close proximity of the Gippsland Lakes district, 3 ½ hours from Melbourne. Being the main city in East Gippsland, Bairnsdale attracts many tourists who use Bairnsdale as base to visit local attractions including water based activities; Fishing, Sailing, Water …

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Sale & District Greyhound Racing Club

The Sale & District Greyhound Racing Club is a lot more than just a Greyhound Racing Club They provide a complete package of Family Entertainment with First Class facilities including Restaurant, Café, Bingo, Club TAB & Function and Conference Facilities. The Club had ongoing issues with their ADSL …

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Harris and Wood Real Estate

This Real Estate Agency was started in Q4 (late) 2015 with 10 staff and is rapidly expanding and achieving critical success in the Southwest region of Victoria. The team at Harris & Wood approached us and needed a reliable, secure and expandable phone system with predictable monthly costs …

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Got any questions about our mobile services?

If you’d like more information on our plans above or have a question about the service, then get in touch with our helpful sales team by clicking the button below. They’ll be happy to assist you.