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Online Gaming Safety

Online gaming can be great fun, you just need to learn how to navigate through the risks. The most important gaming tip for parents is to know what your child is playing. Try out the game, chat to other parents, family members, friends, or even a customer service rep at a video game store about the game. Check out the classifications to ensure it’s suitable for your child. Read up on video game classifications.

Dreaded in-game purchases

No parent likes a surprise bill. It’s important to discuss with your child that many games may be free to play but some features cost real money or require a lot of data to download. Set your expectations on their monthly budget regarding both money and data. For app store and google play app purchases, you may want to limit their ability to buy anything by setting up a password or biosecurity lock required for purchases.

Other types of gaming purchases are loot box gambling or skins that may be mystery boxes with the allure of getting a rare item. These purchases can be addictive like gambling. Have a chat with your child about gambling types of purchases that encourage spending. If you need a little help on where to start, you can find some helpful information here.

Gaming trolls and bullying

Many multiplayer games are full of trolls and bullies on the in-game chat. Disabling chat is usually best for younger children. Chat to your child about ignoring trash talking trolls and encourage them not to engage in trash talk or provoking of other players.

Monitor your child’s gaming time

Gaming can be a fun activity, but it can also be addictive. Discuss time limits with your child. For information on how to tell if your child is addicted to online gaming, check out eSafety.

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