Aussie Broadband

NetComm NF18 CloudMesh Firmware

Last Updated: Thursday, 1 June 2023

Download and install the Aussie Broadband firmware for your NF18MESH router here.

Alternatively, you may also download the latest version for your NF18MESH from NetComm here.

Note: This firmware is specific for the NF18MESH Gateway and will not work on other routers.

ModelNF18 Mesh
Product NameCloudMesh Gateway
Date11 December 2020
Firmware VersionNF18MESH.NC.ABB-R6B011
Official/Beta FirmwareOfficial
File Name NF18MESH.NC.ABB-R6B011.EN_upgrade
File Size 33.8 MB
MD5 Checksum 08F04F8BBEC6413EB87954587A8FFA2A


  • Added Privacy mode support. Configurable by the smartphone app, this instructs the CPE not to send any analytic data to the cloud (TT41541)

  • Added Mesh support via the wired connection* (TT41499)

  • Updated ABB default settings – DHCP option (TT41503)

  • Updated ABB default settings – ALG (TT41504)

  • Updated ABB default settings – Update WiFi Max client to 32 (TT41505)

  • Updated ABB default settings – WiFi setting (TT41506)

  • Updated ABB default settings – VoIP setting (TT41507)

  • Updated ABB default settings – TR-069 setting (TT41509)

  • Updated ABB remote access default settings (TT41510)

  • Fixed a Guest WiFi password issue when the password was less than 8 characters (TT41160)

  • Enhanced the 5GHz Wi-Fi stability (TT40667)

  • Fixed an issue where the CPU & Memory usage page was not showing correctly (TT39517)

  • Cosmetic update to UPnP (TT40190)

  • Fixed a TFTP upload configuration file issue on LAN and WAN connection (TT40839)

  • Enhanced the web interface when viewed on a mobile browser (TT40847)

  • 5GHz Guest interface is now disabled when Mesh is enabled (TT40848)

  • Updated the DNS suffix to “cloudmesh.home” (TT40920)

  • Updated the port forwarding behaviour to accept different server IP address ranges (TT41050)

  • Cosmetic update to the Statistic LAN page (TT41336)

  • Enhanced the CPE security (TT41425)

  • Addressed a Wireless AP steering issue* (TT40237)

  • Fixed a Speedtest issue (TT41500)