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What is HFC?

HFC stands for Hybrid Fibre Coaxial. HFC requires an nbn™Co appointment where a technician installs a nbn™ device inside the home. As with the FTTN and FTTB, fibre optic cable runs to a nearby node, then the connection uses current coaxial cable to the installed nbn™ device.

Please Note: HFC connections require an NTD (Network Termination Device) installed. If you do not have an NTD please contact your agent, landlord, or our team on 1300 880 905.

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HFC Network Boundary Point

nbn™ will connect a PCD (Premises Connection Device) on the outside of the premises and then install a HFC wall outlet on the inside of the premises where they will connect the Network Termination Device.

nbn™ will install the Network Termination Device within a 40m cable run of the PCD, if you require the NTD to be installed in a location away from the front of the building then you will need to ensure that internal cabling is present.

Location Requirements for the Network Termination Device

  • Near a 240v power outlet. If you have provided a power board the nbn™ technician may not install the NTD as this is not suitable.
  • In a cool, dry, ventilated area (nbn™ supplied equipment cannot be installed in a damp or wet area, such as a kitchen, bathroom, laundry or under a window that opens).
  • Away from busy areas where it may be knocked or damaged.

Internal Cabling Requirements for HFC

In premises cabling is strongly recommended as it will allow you to choose the location of the NTD, all cabling work must adhere to nbn™ standards. nbn™ HFC uses RG6 Quad Shield Cable and this is the type of cabling that must be used if you require the NTD to be installed any further than a 40m cable run.

It is recommended that you get a licenced cabler to run the cabling to ensure that industry standards are met.

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