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What are the main reasons customers choose Aussie Broadband?

Aussie Broadband has gained a reputation for listening to our customers, offering great products and providing superior customer service and technical support.

We pride ourselves on designing solutions to fit your needs – not changing your needs to fit a pre-determined solution!

Here are a few of the main reasons our customers choose us:

  • Australian Based Support: All of our staff are locally based. Our team are patient, always go above and beyond and will keep you updated every step of the way.
  • Our Own Infrastructure: Unlike a lot of ‘telcos’ we are building our own national infrastructure, ensuring you get the best offering and not a capped or sub-par part of a bigger network.
  • Customised Solutions: No residential, business, corporate or government organisations needs are the same which is why the solutions we put together are always custom and are prepared by an expert consultant with direct access to our tech team (who you can speak to as well, if needed!).
  • Competitive Pricing: We know the pressures of today and the “price factor” that can influence a decision. Luckily, we’re growing fast and with size comes the ability to offer some of the most competitive rates in Australia across our whole range of services.
  • Fast Setup & Transfers: We realise how important every telecommunication service you have is and the frustration caused when things go wrong. We ensure moving to Aussie Broadband is as fast and easy as possible, and will troubleshoot any issues at no extra cost.
  • Years Of Experience: We have been in the Australian market for over 10 years and are known to have one of the most experienced tech teams. Our quality products are proven and are used (and loved) by lots of businesses country-wide.

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