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What is OptiComm?

What is OptiComm?

OptiComm is one of Australia’s largest alternatives to the national broadband network (nbn). Similar to nbn™, OptiComm build, operate, and maintain their own fibre telecommunications ‘fixed line’ network.

OptiComm are wholesale operators, which means they sell their OptiComm plans to OptiComm providers, like Aussie Broadband, who then offer those OptiComm plans to customers.

Are OptiComm and nbn™ the same thing?

They both may sell wholesale internet plans, but nbn™ and OptiComm are two different operators/businesses who have their own separate networks and infrastructure.

You generally won’t have both nbn™ and OptiComm at your property. In some instances, you might have the option to connect to either, but you will have to pick one.

If you are on the nbn™ network, you don’t need to worry about OptiComm.

And if you are on the OptiComm network, you don’t need to worry about nbn™.

Technology Types

One of the biggest differences is with the technology types used. Opticomm mostly uses fibre (FTTP) when connecting houses to their network. They do offer HFC and FTTN in some scenarios, but they only account for a small proportion of connections. In most cases, if you are connected with OptiComm, you will have FTTP. Currently, we only sell FTTP OptiComm plans.

Where some technology types, that utilise copper, can’t reach over 100 Mbps, fibre is only limited by the plans offered at the moment. Your fibre OptiComm service will be able to give you the best service and speeds possible.

On the other hand, a much larger portion of nbn™ uses copper cabling (FTTC, FTTN/B) and coaxial cables (HFC). Whilst copper can’t deliver the same speeds as fibre, coaxial, in some small cases, can reach the same speeds at FTTP, but for the most part, HFC is limited to either 100 or 250 Mbps.

Who can get OptiComm?

Whilst being on the OptiComm network means you will likely have that sweet, sweet FTTP, the downside to OptiComm is that its footprint is much smaller than nbn™’s.

Typically, you’ll find OptiComm in new or recently developed housing estates/communities, while nbn™ is available to most Australian premises.

What is the OptiComm Network Status in My Area?

Check your address to see if OptiComm is available at your premise by clicking here.

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