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How much upload do I need?

A common question we get is, “how much upload do I really need?” And, “what’s the difference between upload and download speeds?”

The difference between upload and download speeds.

Download speed – How quickly you can receive data when using the internet.

Upload speed – How quickly you can send data over the internet.

Yep, it’s that simple.

how much upload do I really need?

Well, the answer is, it depends what you need it for. Similar to download speeds, those who use it more may require higher speeds.

For instance, people who create content or use a cloud service regularly to upload and send large files are more likely to need higher upload speeds.

If you’re playing video games or working from home, then you won’t require higher upload speeds as those activities generally don’t need high upload speeds.

For gaming and/or zoom calls, a stable connection is much more valuable than high upload speeds.

The numbers

Gaming – Typically requires around 1 Mbps of upload.

Zoom/video chats – At a minimum you will need just under 1 Mbps. The maximum you will likely need is 3 Mbps for 1080p resolution.

Content creator/Streaming (Twitch/YouTube/Facebook) – Streaming in 720p will require around 4 Mbps of upload speed. 1080p will need roughly 6-7 Mbps. 4K streaming will require some serious upload speed, ranging from 15 Mbps to 60 Mbps, depending on frames per second.

Uploading/sending files – The fast the better. The faster the upload, the faster it will upload.

Note: One thing to keep in mind is the amount of people who are uploading at the same time. If you potentially have 4 people who might all be on Zoom at the same time for work, then having 40 up might suit that household more than 20 up.

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