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nbn™ FTTN Speeds – Troubleshooting Guide

Are you experiencing slow or degraded nbn™ FTTN speeds?

We have some solutions that may help improve your nbn™ FTTN speeds.

Troubleshooting Guide for nbn™ FTTN Speeds

Step 1 – Test an Ethernet Connection

We first need to rule out possible WiFi related issues. WiFi problems can impact speed and create dropouts. The best way to eliminate WiFi problems is to connect a computer directly to the router via an ethernet cable. If you do not have an ethernet port on your laptop, then there are ethernet cables with USB ends. Once you’re directly connected, we need to run a speed test.

Step 2 – Speed Test

Not all speed test sites are created equal. We have our own Aussie Broadband speed test. The advantage to using our speed test site is that your results are saved to your account automatically. We can use those results to raise a fault to nbn™.

Click here to run a speed test.

If the speed issues have resolved with a direct connection but still persist on WiFi, then you have a WiFi related problem. You can find information on how to troubleshoot WiFi issues here.

If the nbn™ fttn speeds issues persist, then continue to step 3.

Step 3 – Monitor Speed

Is the problem intermittent? Does it only occur at certain times of the day or during specific weather conditions? These clues may be important given the FTTN connection. Observe the speed over the next 24-48 hours. Note: If your speed has suddenly degraded overnight or your download speed is below 16Mbps and/or your upload speed is below 1Mbps, then call our Customer Service Team on 1300 880 905.  These two issues can be raised to nbn™Co without further delay.

Step 4 – Isolate Your Router

During the testing, we need to ensure that your router is isolated at the primary point. This means removing any filters or splitters that may be on the line. Also, it may be worth noting down how many phone points there are in the premises. Multiple phone points can dramatically reduce the broadband signal which can significantly decrease speed and increase dropouts. As the broadband frequency hits the intersection, the signal dissipates slightly as it splits off into multiple directions.

By the time the signal reaches the router in the kitchen, it’s considerably less than it was when it first entered the premises. This is why it’s very important to get a licensed cabler to remove the extra points. This means there is 1 straight path for the broadband signal, resulting in no degradation. Customers have reported their speeds improving 30Mbps or more with the removal of the additional points. Obviously, each case is unique, but removing the extras will improve speed and dropouts.

Step 5 – Try new cables & modem

It’s always best to rule out internal equipment by testing another router and new cables. If the issue is still persisting, then it’s time to call us so that we may raise a fault to nbn™.

Raising a Speed Fault with nbn™

This can be a lengthy process, depending on what’s causing the issues. If your speed is above 25/5, then nbn™ may consider that acceptable. However, if your speeds fail to meet the minimum standards, then they will send out a technician to investigate. The technician will notify us of the issue. This can be a faulty router, a corroded pair, a pit filled with water, or quite simply, the line is too long.

I’m too far from the node, it’s game over, right?

No! No, it’s not. We will advocate on your behalf and nbn™ will thoroughly investigate the line length. If there are no faults on the line, then your case will proceed to nbn™ tier 2 team for further consideration. This means that they may consider a micronode or another form of broadband service such as fibre. It really depends on what service is most readily available. *Note: nbn™ do take long line length issues very seriously and they do work to resolving it. However, these faults take considerable time. We will update you through the whole process. 

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