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What is a Denial-of-service DDoS attack

A DDoS attack is a type of cyber attack where the perpetrator disrupts an internet connection entirely. In short, the attacker uses the target’s IP address, floods it with too many false requests which prevents the user from being able to access their internet for the duration of the attack. Afterwards, the victim may find that all their data was completely consumed in the attack.

I’m a victim of a DDoS attack, what happens next?

DDoS often are provoked attacks stemming from actions taken by the victim. The perpetrator is usually a known online acquaintance.  We take these attacks extremely seriously as it disrupts our network in the area of the occurrence. Other users on that POI are often affected. As such, we have a very strict policy to handle this situation.

This policy may change soon due to the IPV4 address shortage.

1st DDoS attack

Because this is the result of actions taken by the victim, the victim is given a first warning. We currently will offer to delete the IP address and issue a new one. We will also refund the data that was consumed in the attack.

2nd DDoS attack

The person is issued a second warning. We will offer to delete the IP address and issue a new one. We will not refund any data.

3rd DDoS attack

There are no further IP addresses issued and the case is forwarded on to management for an immediate service termination decision.

I know the identity of the perpetrator, what do I do?

Please forward the information on to us so we can investigate the matter further. DDoS attacks are considered illegal.

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