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I can’t see the WiFi network

This guide will troubleshoot and resolve the reasons why you can’t see the WiFi Network on the list of available networks.

WiFi Frequencies

All routers operate on the 2.4GHz frequency, and many now offering an additional 5.0GHz frequency. To learn which frequency is best for you, check out our page on What is WiFi? Is all WiFi the same?

Important WiFi information is located on a sticker on the back of our Netcomm Routers, and you will find that the same is true for most other router brands as well. This sticker provides the SSID, which is the name of your WiFi network, along with the password to connect to that network. Routers that operate on both frequencies will have two SSID’s along with coordinating passwords. Be sure to use the password for the specific network.

Can’t see the WiFi network?

Is the Wifi light flickering on the router? Yes – go to Step 2 (*Note: this may look like a lolly on a stick on Netcomm routers)

Look on the router for a WiFi button. This button will enable (or disable) WiFi. Netcomm NF10W’s have a button on the top. Other models may not have a physical button, and will need to be checked by logging into the router.

Push the button.

Is the WiFi network visible now? If no, and the WiFi lights are still off, it’s advised to log into the router to enable it internally.  *

Open up a browser page such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.

If you have a Netcomm router, enter into the address bar*Note: Each router has their own specific log in page, and some use or Check your router manual if you need specific information.

Log into the router (you may need to call Customer Service to retrieve router password)

Go to Wireless settings and enable. (picture below)

Enable Wireless if you can't see WiFi

If the issue persists, then it is possible that the router may be faulty. Call our Customer Service Team 1300 880 905 if this occurs on one of our routers, otherwise, try another router.

Step 2: Yes, the WiFi lights are flickering on my router, but I still can’t see the WiFi networks.  I can see my old WiFi network. (Or skip to Step 3)

Confirm the network name/SSID. The network name will not magically change when switching providers if you keep your existing router. The network name is set internally on the router. This means you will continue to see the old WiFi name, but you can log into the router to update this setting. This does not mean that you’re still on the existing provider’s service. The WiFi name can easily be changed by logging into your router, and then going to Wireless settings.

Can't see WiFi - Netcomm Walkthrough

Step 3: I can see 2.4GHz WiFi, but I cannot see the 5.0GHz

Sometimes apple products and older laptops aren’t able to see the 5.0GHz WiFi network, but changing WiFi channels can help. It’s not advised to change the channel above 58/80, because many Apple products will no longer be able to see the network.

Can't see WiFi - Netcomm Walkthrough

If the issue still persists, please call our friendly Customer Service Team on 1300 880 905, and we will be able to help you troubleshoot this further.

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