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Calling Number Display

Identify who is calling you by displaying the caller’s telephone number (unless the number is blocked).


Calling Number Display is $6 per month.

How do I use it?

When your phone rings, simply look at your display screen. After a while you’ll recognize the numbers of the people who call you regularly. Some phones, such as the T1000C Calling Number Display rental phone and the CR2000 Cordless rental phone, can be programmed to store a short list of numbers and names in memory, so that you can see the name of the caller.

If you’re busy or unsure of the number, you can store the number and return the call later. Storing or logging of a limited number of calls (call record) is a standard feature of most display telephone equipment. If you would like Calling Number Display, please call us on 1300 880 905 or go to to activate it.

Anything else I need to know?

Call ID is not displayed when:

  • A silent line or unlisted number;
  • A caller who has chosen to block their number;
  • A caller calling from overseas; or
  • A caller whose telephone service is provided by a carrier or service provider not participating in Calling Number Display, or who requires the caller to request that this feature be enabled.

Monthly charge applies. Available most areas. Available on tone phones in most areas. Call Waiting Display capable telephones are designed to mute the receiver for 1-2 seconds while the details of the caller’s number are sent to the telephone. This may cause a brief interruption to the conversation. Occasionally, some telephones may mistakenly respond to a caller’s voice or external noise and cause a false muting of the telephone receiver.

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