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nbn™ Brisbane – award winning internet

The nbn™ lets you stream movies and television, surf the web, and stay in touch with friends and family – and thanks to Aussie Broadband, the connection of the future has never been more accessible in Brisbane. Over 80% of Brisbane homes have an internet connection of some kind and, with the nbn™ being rolled out across Brisbane, more households than ever are experiencing the benefits of a fast, affordable internet connection.

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How do I get the nbn™ in Brisbane?

The nbn™ (National Broadband Network) delivers a fast internet connection using state-of-the-art optic fibre and wireless technology. If you live in Brisbane and you’re not already connected (and live in a serviced area), Aussie Broadband can easily arrange a connection for you. Brisbane is a big area to cover, but our nbn™ rollout is well under way and coming soon to a street near you, from Newmarket to Mount Gravatt, Bulimba to Westlake.

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How fast is nbn™ Brisbane?

The nbn™ can provide Brisbane households with download speeds of up to 100Mbps. That’s up to 12 x faster than ADSL. So whether you live in Brighton or Sunnybank, your entire household could download music, stream movies, watch the Broncos play live and more thanks to the Australian-based team at Aussie Broadband.

Why Aussie Broadband is the best choice for Brisbane residents

If you’ve ever experienced gridlocked traffic on the Gateway Motorway, or having to leave an hour early in the morning just to get to work on time, then you know how much a pain congestion can be. And what happens on the road can often happen at home with your internet – if you can’t even load a simple video onto Facebook then your network has a congestion issue.

Take care of the problem with Aussie Broadband – we’ve built a new network across Brisbane so we can continually monitor internet usage and when possible we will aim to avoid congestion before it can happen. Sign up online today and then let us take care of the rest.

Check if the nbn™ is available in your area and what speed you can get:

To verify whether you can get the nbn™ at your home, and to see what speed is available, simply enter your details into the search box below and one of our team will be in touch.

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If you would prefer not to be called by us but would like to check your address, we recommend visiting our nbn™ rollout map.