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Is the nbn™ good for Australia?

The nbn™ has proven to benefit Australians in several ways. From helping us all stay in touch to improving our ability to work remotely, the nbn™ has several benefits and options for all Australians.

The nbn™ has been one of the largest infrastructure investments in recent Australian history. The cost of rolling out fast, fibre-based broadband to the bulk of the country has involved a significant investment; the overall budget has been revised a few times but currently sits at $51 billion.

However, when you look at the benefits that the nbn™ has delivered to Australia, it’s difficult to argue that it hasn’t been a necessary investment for the country’s future.

1) It has helped regional Australia catch up

Prior to the nbn™TM, it was relatively easy to secure quality Internet services, if you lived in the heart of one of Australia’s main cities. With the availability of cable and other infrastructure that was provided by private companies, the inner cities offered good levels of connectivity, but as you moved into the suburbs and regional Australia, the story was very different. If the internet was available at all, there was often only one ISP servicing the area, and it was expensive and very slow. The most regional parts of Australia were struggling with dial-up Internet, and dial-up can barely handle e-mail.

This had a major impact on the very economy of the country. Businesses were forced to set up in the centres of cities, where they could access the kind of internet that would allow them to work, and this pushed up rental prices and led to congestion. With the nbn™ in place, businesses have been able to move into regional cities, which has had the benefit of spreading the economic activity around, and improving the lifestyles and opportunities for all Australians. In addition, it has helped to make regional Australia globally competitive and opened new opportunities for businesses in those areas.

2) It has helped lower internet prices and improve services

One of the great benefits of the nbn™TM is that it has enabled every ISP to offer an equivalent level of service to all parts of Australia. Now consumers are spoiled for choice, and companies such as Aussie Broadband have been able to emerge to compete with the incumbents. This has kept downward pressure on pricing, meaning that consumers don’t feel gouged.

3) It has helped Australians navigate COVID-19

Without the nbn™, many Australian workers would have been unable to continue working as the lockdown orders came into effect. Thanks to the nbn™, the overall impact of the pandemic has been greatly mitigated because a large number of professionals have been able to work from home, leveraging cloud platforms, video conferencing, and other online tools.

This will continue to benefit Australians moving forward too, as working from home has proven productivity benefits, and due to COVID-19, enterprises are going to now appreciate those benefits with many restructuring their businesses to enable remote work. The prediction is that almost half (41 per cent) of people that started working from home because of COVID-19 will continue to do so post-pandemic, and that would not have been possible without the nbn™TM providing the networking foundations to all Australians.

In addition to the above, having access to fast broadband is helping Australian businesses and entrepreneurs be truly global. Now the smallest of businesses can access services from organisations around the world, and collaborate with skilled individuals or organisations from entirely different markets. Outsourcing has enjoyed a big boost thanks to the nbn™TM, and that has enabled organisations to become more nimble and access talent that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

4) The nbn™ makes it easier to run a business from home

The nbn™TM also makes it easier than ever to start up a new business. Previously, it would have been impossible to run a small business on most residential internet services, but with an Aussie Broadband nbn™100/40 or nbn™250/25 connection, for a small monthly cost, a garage start-up with a great idea or product can become a global business. Small businesses in the past needed to be locally-focused, and that meant a slow trajectory of growth and limited market opportunities. Now, those same businesses can participate in the global digital economy instantly.

So, while the nbn™ might not be the perfect solution in the eyes of some, what it has achieved is a solid foundation for enabling Australian entrepreneurism to flourish, and for a levelling of the playing field between city and country. The “highways of the future” are digital connections, and through the nbn™, Australia now has a robust network that has linked everyone together.

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Frequently asked questions about our nbn™ plans

Are there connection fees or charges?

We do not have any standard connection fees for our nbn™ services. If you are in a new housing development or opt to have a new line connected you may be liable for an additional charge as dictated by the nbn™. This will be displayed before confirming your order.

Will my home phone work on the nbn™?

The majority of Australians will have to move their phone across to the nbn™ as the current infrastructure providing a landline service will be switched off 18 month after the nbn™ becomes available. You will still be able to retain the same home phone number by porting it onto our new home phone plans but will be required to connect your phone handset via your modem.
Depending on the nbn™ technology you’re connected to, you may be able to keep your landline using the existing copper connection.

What hardware do I need for the nbn™?

Depending on the location, nbn™ uses a mix of technologies to connect to the nbn™ broadband access network. Some devices will need to be registered with nbn™ directly such as medical alarms, monitored fire alarms, and lift emergency phones. Other devices to consider are security systems, fax and teletypewriter devices, EFTPOS terminals, health claim terminals, and existing landline phone services. To register your devices visit the nbn™ website.

How does the nbn™ installation work?

If there has been a previous nbn™ connection at your premises the standard time frame is 1-5 business days and there will be no additional work required by a technician. If your address has not been connected to nbn™ before the standard time frame can be anywhere up to 20 business days and is dependent on your nbn™ access technology type and technician availability. Your nbn™ access technology will determine the exact method of installation for your technician.

For connections to premises that are already connected to the nbn™ via FTTN/B or HFC technology there may be a small period of downtime when switching providers.
For connections to premises that are already connected to the nbn™ via FTTP or Fixed Wireless technology, another port on the already installed network termination device will be activated in addition to any other active ports, so there should be no downtime.
For connections to premises that have not yet connected to the nbn™ via FTTN/B or HFC technology there may be a small period of downtime when connecting.
For connections to premises that have not yet connected to the nbn™ via FTTP or Fixed Wireless technology, new infrastructure will be installed which will not interrupt your current service.

Why we’ve chosen to offer unlimited nbn™ plans

In April 2018, we made the decision to offer unlimited plans due to new CVC bandwidth prices given by nbn™Co. to internet service providers (ISPs). Before these new bandwidth amounts were offered, ISPs offering unlimited plans were a large cause of the congestion issues many Australians faced, and we refused to provide our customers with a negative experience by being part of the problem.

Now, we are able to offer unlimited nbn™ plans that will not increase congestion on our networks, ensuring our customers receive the quality internet speeds and service that we are known for.

To read more information on why we made the change to unlimited nbn™ plans, check out our article here.

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