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nbn™ Sydney – award-winning internet

Around 80% of Sydney homes now have the internet and, with the nbn™ being rolled out all across greater Sydney, more people than ever are enjoying the benefits of a fast nbn™ connection. The nbn™ allows you to stream movies and television, surf the web, and communicate with family and friends like never before – and thanks to Aussie Broadband an award-winning internet future is here today.

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How do I get the nbn™ in Sydney?

Greater Sydney is a huge area to cover, but the nbn™ rollout is gathering momentum. The nbn™ (or National Broadband Network) can give you a fast internet connection over the latest in optic and wireless technology. And if you live in Sydney and your home isn’t already connected (and you’re in a serviced area), we can organise a connection for you from Balmain to Glebe, Bondi Junction to Camperdown.

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How fast is nbn™ Sydney?

The nbn™ can offer Sydney householders speeds of up to 100Mbps when downloading.. That’s up to 12 x faster than an ADSL connection! So whether you’re in Darling Point or Cambridge Gardens, everyone in the house can stream movies, download music, watch the Swans play live and much more – all faster than you ever could before.

Why Aussie Broadband is the best choice for Sydney residents

We’ve all been there … you sit in traffic on the Harbour Bridge or crawl bumper to bumper through Pyrmont, and then when you finally get home and jump on the internet you can’t even load a 30-second video on Facebook. It’s called congestion and, just like what happens on Sydney roads every day, there are just too many people trying to do the same thing at the same time.

But it doesn’t have to be like that! We’ve built a new network across Sydney, which means we can constantly monitor usage and whenever possible we aim to avoid congestion before it happens. And the best thing is you don’t have to do a thing – just sit back and enjoy your videos whenever you want. So sign up online today and take your internet connection to the next level.

Check if the nbn™ is available in your area and what speed you can get:

To verify whether you can get the nbn™ at your home, and to see what speed is available, simply enter your details into the search box below and one of our team will be in touch.

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If you would prefer not to be called by us but would like to check your address, we recommend visiting our nbn™ rollout map.