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Frequently asked questions

I would like to say thank you to Aussie Broadband for fixing our phone and doing so very quickly. As usual the service is terrific.

- Joan, Owen

G’day Aussie Broadband, I’m writing to thank you for your service and the manner in which it was provided. Three days ago I couldn’t get online and after ringing your support staff and speaking with a very thoughful and considerate operator, my service was eventually restored. A new unit arrived today and I’m up and running – wonderful service. A big THANK YOU from a happy customer.

- Peter, Heyfield

I have dealt with Aussie Broadband a number of times in the past few months and would like to salute the technical support staff for their assistance and good humour in dealing with my enquiries. They deserve to be recognised and congratulated for a job well done.

- Janine, Churchill

I have been dealing with ISP's in IT for 10+ years now and Aussie Broadband is 100 miles ahead of anyone else when it comes to service and support. Keep it up guys.

- Richard,

After years of high cost slow phone mobile via OPTUS we have now been connected to nbn™ wireless via aussie for 9 months,although a few teething problems (sorted with their techs help) i find they offer the best nbn™ wireless prices/plans.started off on bonus double data plan (500gb total) after 6 months was reduced to plan (250gb) they have now doubled my data for no extra charge for loyalty(thank you )we took voip phone with the plan for $10per month BRILLIANT. achieving regular speeds of 22mb down /4.5mb up. the system does tend to drop out fr time to time but i think it is nbn™ upgrades more than faults.and remember aussie is only a reseller of nbn™. service problems are nbn™ not aussie. Best value nbn™ wireless on market in my book. thanks aussie

- Snakeman,

nbn™ connection in a new estate where the major players couldn’t provide a service …..” go figure ” Home based operators who understand local conditions and issues. Also patient service as I am vision impaired. Well done and thank you.

- Wally, Ballarat

Great customer service and quick and painless setup of nbn™ fixed wireless in regional SA. Follow-up calls to make sure I was happy was an extra bonus, plus offered more data at no cost. The big telcos could learn a lesson

- 2easy,

We have only had mobile wireless broadband available to us for the last four years at considerable cost & only 25 GB. I have contacted the nbn™ who advised that we would have to wait for satellite nbn™ in the future. I was told about Aussie Broadband & contacted them who in turn applied for nbn™ wireless. In 4 weeks I was connected after I had applied to many other providers with no success. Well done Aussie. The service and speed are great.

- Josephine,

Called them to activate the service at 4pm, and got the Internet service activated at 5:15pm. That is super fast. The speed is good as well.

- Chris,

I chose Aussie Broadband when wireless nbn™ came to our area. I am very impressed with the people I speak to and the service they provide. They may provide the extras that big boys do, but I don’t want pay for things I don’t use. Shortly after joining they increased the download quota by 50 % at no extra charge. They also provide a free service to our local CFA Brigade. As a result of that several people I know signed up with them and they all have the same opinion.

- Jerrys,

Signed up for fixed wireless nbn™ with VOIP phone in South Gippsland. It has been a pleasant surprise (take note Telstra and Optus) that Aussie Broadband have been both informative about the installation process and very responsive (within an hour or so) to a configuration issue with the VOIP phone. And the person on the phone actually seemed to know what he was doing, as distinct to experiences I’ve had with Optus. Everything appears to be now working well.

- GreyGuru,

Received a flyer in mail from Aussie Broadband advising me nbn™ was coming to my area, I registered my interest with them and sure enough when nbn™ was ready I got a pleasant call from them,I signed up and they gave me double quota free for 6 months. Internet and voip has been working perfectly, they called me after installation to ensure all was working ok. It’s wonderful being able to talk to someone I can understand unlike my previous provider where I spent 45 mins on phone trying to get it cancelled. All excellent, what more can i say.

- Trevor H,

I have been with them for years, they may not be the cheapest but their service more than compensates for that. They are local employing locals, offer a great service and when you ring up for technical support your not placed on hold for ages. The service is fast and reliable

- Rob,

We have been customers of Aussie Broadband for several years now…and cannot speak highly enough of their customer service and technical service and support. Great speed and they employ local staff…no outsourcing… their should be more companies like this. If you are looking for an Australian owned and operated company look no further than Aussie Broadband!!!!!!

- Rebecca, Geelong

I needed a new ISP because I outgrew my old plan & I came across Aussie Broadband In my search & I can not fault them, Their customer service has been second to none & I get the same consistant speed all the time so I’m very pleased with the move. I decided to sign up to their VOIP service & at first I wasn’t able to call overseas so I contacted tech support & they got back to me within 24 hours & said it was a network issue which was causing my issue. Another small issue I was having was my VOIP services kept on dropping out so I contacted tech support & they logged into my VOIP box made some changes & since then I haven’t had one drop out so now I’m very content.

- Clem Bake,

I have had issues with a number of ISP over time, I have none for how long I have been with aussie, it was the best move i ever made. I have try to find a better price 400gb and phone around $100 month, plus calls but I don’t use my home phone much at all.

- Tim, Warrnambool

I recently just had my nbn™ installed and internet connected with you up here in the Northern Territory, I would just like to say what a fantastic job it was, everything went so smoothly and the installer did such a good job and worked in to suit my convenience, my internet is working
perfectly so I would just like to say a big thankyou to the aussie broadband team

- Taylor, Darwin

Thanks for your call today. Apologies for the bad mobile service at my end. The nearest Optus tower to my workplace is currently out of commission. I would like to share that the installation and activation of nbn™ at Hamilton went fabulously. I was even tempted to write out of the blue to say so given how well it's gone. I plugged the new modem in on the same day of installation and got everything working in a jiffy. I am also happy with the speed (speedtest.net) which is giving results of around 95 mpbs down and 32 mbps up. Have gotten the same result at different times of the day. I really am quite happy with that 🙂 Now i just have to keep an eye on our quota while netflixing and all. The communication from Aussie Broadband and service delivery has been excellent. Thanks a bunch, Andrew

- Andrew, Hamilton - Victoria

After recently having nbn™ installed I had numerous problems with the nbn™ co itself but was able to rectify these issues with the professional help from Denise at Aussie broadband. I personally rang her to thank her for sorting out my issues as soon as possible even though they weren’t her issues Denise made follow up phone calls and was very helpful and polite and she is a huge asset to your business by the professional way she carried out the tasks so I am really pleased and grateful for that experience. Every one I had spoken too at Aussie broadband was very helpful and polite so I’m happy to have chosen you guys as my provider. Thanks Ashley

- Ashley, Mypolonga - SA

Your staff have also been sensational. They are polite and they have amazing courtesy.

- Bradley, Taggerty

After a negative experience with another ISP, I thought I would give you guys a go, mainly based on positive feedback and John & Phil’s presence on Whirlpool.
Both your sales and support staff have been outstanding! It’s incredible that I can call up and talk to someone in Australia within minutes who have always helped out and been really friendly. I hope my feedback makes it back to the sales and support team who are very deserving of it. Keep up the great work!

- Michael, Innaloo