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J Awkland

“Without a doubt simply the best customer service and nbn™ connection.”


“This is what service should be like.”

Patrick Brierley

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Phil C

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UFO, Product Review

2500+ 5 star reviews

All of our OptiComm plans come with these great features:

  • Australian support

    When you need support our 100% Australian-based staff will be there to help.

  • No excess data charges

    No-one likes nasty surprises, so we don’t charge excess data fees on any of our plans.

  • Award-winning network

    We’ve been recognised by our industry as Australia’s best fixed line broadband provider at the 2018 & 2019 Edison Awards.

  • Fast, easy setup

    Have a hassle-free setup with step-by-step instructions for your new connection.

  • Quality service

    We work hard to foster our reputation for quality customer service and an excellent network. Check out our reviews online to see how we stack up.

  • No lock-in contracts

    We don’t offer contracts because we believe our service is so good you won’t want to go anywhere else.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our OptiComm plans

How long will connection take?

Being already on the OptiComm network means the connection process will likely take as little as 15 minutes to roll over. However, we generally allow for 48 hours just to give ourselves time to work through any unforeseen issues that may arise.

What modem/router do I need?

OptiComm will have already provided your premise with an OptiComm Connection Box, which acts as a modem. You will need to connect/purchase a router which will then distribute the connection via WiFi.

Aussie Broadband sell several routers which are preconfigured to work on our network, taking the hassle out of it all. Visit – – and click yes for do you need a modem, to see all of our options.

You can also try using your current router. Whilst we can’t guarantee a BYO router will work, we can do our best to help reconfigure it to work on our network.

If you have any questions, feel free to call our lovely team on 1300 880 905.

Am I locked into the plan I sign up with?

We believe in having the freedom to change plans as your circumstances change. You will be free to change between plans through your My Aussie account or by contacting our Australian support team. We don’t charge to change plans, you only need to pay the difference between the plans when upgrading.

Why hasn’t my OptiComm service switched over to Aussie Broadband?

A majority of faults raised with OptiComm occur during the setup process. These range from problems with the lead-in-conduit, property not being ‘ready’, equipment not plugged incorrectly and/or Cable damage (for example, rats chewing through it).

It’s important to check your setup before raising a fault with OptiComm.

Our best advice is to check that the lights on the OptiComm Connection Box are performing correctly and check that every cable is in the right port.

If you have any questions or just want help with double-checking your setup, feel free to get in contact with our lovely support team on 1300 880 905.

What do my Huawei OptiComm Connection Box lights mean?

Indicator Status Description
Power Steady Green The terminal is powered on.
Off The power supply is cut off.
Off Off The PON terminal is prohibited by the upper-layer device or the optical power is abnormal. Contact the service provider for help.
Blinks twice a second Blinks twice a second The PON terminal is prohibited by th upper-layer device or the the optical power is abnormal. Contact the service provider for help.
Blinks twice a second Off The PON terminal attempts to set up a connection with its upper-layer device.
Steady on Off A connection is set up between the PON terminal and its upper-layer device.
Off Blinks once two seconds The PON terminal is not connected to optical fibres or does not receive optical signals.
Blinks once two seconds Blinks once two seconds The hardware is faulty.
LAN 1-4 Steady on The Ethernet connection is in the normal state.
Blinking Data is being transmitted on the Ethernet port.
Off The Ethernet connection is not set up.
TEL 1-2 Steady on The terminal is registered with the softswitch but no service flows are transmitted.
Blinking Service flows are transmitted.
Off The terminal is not powered on or fails to be registered to the softswitch, or the POTS port in not enabled.

What do my Dasan OptiComm Connection Box lights mean?

Label Light Status Description
Power Green On The system is turned on.
Off The system is turned off.
PON Red On No optic signal. And the unit has not been registered.
Green On Optic signal normal. Normally registered. OMCI success.
Blinking Firmware being downloaded.
ALM Red On No optical signal, firmware update fail or other faults.
Off Recieved optical power is normal.
Internet Green On In service.
Off Not in service.
Tel 1-2 Green On Hook on.
Off Hook off.
LAN 1-4 Green On The link is up.
Blinking Port is sending or receiving data.
Off The link is down.
CATV Green On Power is -8 to 0 dBm
Red On Power is < -8 dBm or > 0 dBm
Off Admin is disabled.

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