Looking for a fixed home phone/landline?

At Aussie Broadband, we’ve got fantastic fixed home phone plans that’ll have you calling without worrying about the cost.
You can bundle your fixed phone with one of our broadband internet connections (nbn™, ADSL / ADSL 2+ / Wireless), or you can just get a stand-alone (unbundled) service.

We’ve got plans to suit everyone, just choose one below:

  • Plans & Pricing
Unbundled Bundled 1 * Bundled 2 *
Monthly Cost $29.95/mth $30.00/mth $40.00/mth
Local Calls (per call) 20c Included Included
National (per minute) 20c
$2 Capped
up to 3 hours
Included Included
Calls to Mobiles (per minute) 36c
$2 Capped
up to 20 minutes
36c Included
International (Top 40 Countries) Varied + 39c flagfall
$2 Capped
up to 30 Minutes
Varied + 39c flagfall Varied + 39c flagfall
13/1300/1345 (per call) 40c 40c 40c
Flag Fall (for timed calls) 39c 39c 39c

* Offer is only available when used in conjunction with an ADSL, nbn™ or Fixed Wireless service.

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All of our plans also include:

  • Call forwarding

  • Call return

  • Three-way chat

  • Call back

  • Call waiting

Plus, you can choose from these optional extra features for just $6 per month:

  • Voice Mail

    have your own answering service for when you can’t take calls

  • Calling Number Display

    to see who’s calling (only on a compatible handset, excludes unlisted / international callers)

  • Dual Phone & Fax Line

    get an extra phone number for your existing line so that you can use a compatible fax machine

  • Silent Number ($3 per month)

    your number won’t be displayed in public phone directories, nor when you call someone*

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Got any questions about what’s right for you?

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Great news! Based upon your results, we recommend the below nbn™ powered plan.

  • Speed

  • Data


  • Home Phone

    Everyday phone plan

  • Modem


Total monthly cost

$85/month with No Connection Fee

  • No Lock In Contract
  • No Hidden Charges
  • 100% Australian Support
  • Fast, Easy Setup
  • Australian Owned